Cannibal Halfling Gaming wants your help! Bringing games and gamers together takes work, whether it’s introducing people to new games and ideas, helping to improve gaming experiences so you’ve got more stories with your friends, or simply acting as a good force in the community to bring people together.

Maybe you have some advice to give, about playing or running a game or dealing with issues around the table. Perhaps you have some material, like random charts to roll on or an encounter idea to play through. You might want to review games, or simply highlight the ones you love, to introduce more people to them. Might just be that you’ve a fun story to tell, and think people might gain something from it.

Whether it’s a single article, a mini-series, a long-running column that you want to write until the words dry up, or something else entirely, we’re interested in seeing what you have to say. Send a pitch or even a sample of your writing to Got an idea for another project, like a vlog or a podcast? Message us about those, too!

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