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Bringing games and gamers together is the tagline, and here at Cannibal Halfling Gaming we’re committed to doing that by introducing and reviewing games, telling stories, providing material, giving advice, and anything else that will improve a reader’s tabletop gaming experience. We hope that by doing this, and by creating our own inclusive section of the greater tabletop gaming community, we can grow the hobby and, honestly, just put some more smiles on people’s faces.

Of course, all this takes effort, and we’re always looking for more contributors willing to put that effort in. Whether you have an idea for a regular column, a limited series of articles, or a singular piece you’d like to show the world we’re interested in taking a look at it. We’re also interested if you’re not about the written word, but rather create art, videos, or audio about tabletop gaming.

We want to hear from just about anyone with a story to tell, but frankly, the more diverse the community and our material is, the more diverse and interesting the stories, games, and memories we create will be. We want to do what we can to be a platform that facilitates that.

If you’re interested in bringing games and gamers together with Cannibal Halfling Gaming, please get in touch at or on Twitter @HungryHalfling. We can’t wait to work with you. And in the meantime, go play some games, and have some fun!

Bringing Games and Gamers Together!

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