Weekend Update: 5/21/22

Welcome to the Cannibal Halfling Weekend Update! Start your weekend with a chunk of RPG news from the past week. We have the week’s top sellers, industry news stories, and discussions from elsewhere online.

DriveThruRPG Top Sellers for 5/21/2022

  1. WHFRP: Winds of Magic
  2. Ironsworn: Starforged
  3. Shadowrun: Sixth World Companion
  4. Star Trek Adventures: Tricord Edition PDF Collection
  5. Delta Green: Iconoclasts

Top News Stories

DriveThruRPG Pricing and Security Incident: Yesterday DriveThruRPG, along with the rest of OneBookShelf’s sites, went temporarily offline after it was noticed that the prices on several titles had been adjusted to free without the publishers’ knowledge. Per Meredith Gerber on the DTRPG Discord server:

“In the afternoon of May 20th, 2022, we had a security incident on site that we continue to actively investigate. We have no evidence that any customer account data was compromised.

A third party was able to set prices on titles that they were not authorized to modify, and they set the prices of many titles on site to free which led to some customers placing orders for free titles that were not meant to be free. We shut down the site shortly after this began to happen.

We are restoring the site to service, however, for the time being, there will be no access to the normal tool pages to enter or edit titles or to manage bundle titles. We continue to investigate these pages for any security issues and will restore them as soon as we can. Files can still be updated with the normal update file tool page. Publishers may still use the main publisher hub title search to find and make some edits to titles.

In the coming week, we will analyze any titles that were ordered at incorrect prices and make restitution to publishers and creators whose titles were affected. We will continue to post messages to Discord, publisher hub, and social media as our investigation continues.”

Origins Games Fair Reverses on Mask Policy: Less than a month after they removed the mandatory mask policy for the upcoming June convention, the Origins Game Fair has reinstated a requirement to wear a mask. Still, with the recent news that PAX East’s mandatory masks and vaccinations wasn’t enough for at least one Enforcer, the question of safely attending in-person conventions is still far from an actually positive answer.

Have any RPG news leads or scoops? Get in touch! You can reach us at cannibalhalflinggaming@gmail.com, or through Twitter via @HungryHalfling.

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