Meet the Party: Mistborn Alloy of Law

A dancing girl with big dreams who can play with emotions and beat the odds. A frighteningly perceptive lawkeeper who tracks his quarry across the wilds of the Roughs. A gunsmith who believes just arming the lawkeepers isn’t enough any more, and has joined in himself. A koloss-blooded exile determined to improve his people’s place in the world with strength of arms and a deputy’s badge. A vigilante Ferring with vengeance in her heart and the speed of steel. Meet the Party provides an entire group of ready-to-play characters for a variety of systems and settings. We’re returning to the Mistborn Adventure Game from Crafty Games, but with a new twist as we forge characters using the Alloy of Law!

The last time Meet the Party built characters for the Mistborn Adventure Game we met a Crew of ‘heroic’ criminals, outlaws, and informants struggling to make their way under the yoke of the Final Empire. However, Brandon Sanderson has continued the Mistborn series of novels beyond the Original Trilogy. Starting with The Alloy of Law, the ‘Wax and Wayne’ series brings the world of Scadrial into an era of gunslingers, criminals, lawkeepers, and frontier-style justice. Firearms are the weapon of choice, and the magical Metalic Arts have changed over the years. Crafty Games no doubt saw an excellent opportunity to expand the MAG into this new era, and released their Alloy of Law campaign setting and game supplement in 2014. Much of the game remains the same in terms of mechanics, but much of the setting has changed, and in-universe time, evolution, and technology has greatly altered much of how magic is experienced in the system.

You still start by building your Crew which includes determining what brought them together, who they usually go up against, and how they usually go about it.

The Wasteland Trackers

Common Cause: Make the Roughs a Safe Place for the Common Man

Primary Target: Criminals

Preferred Method: Bold Action

The nature of the Crew is the first of the obvious changes that you’ll run into. By way of the world they lived in, Crews in the Final Empire had to be criminal enterprises. The more heroic a Crew was, actually, the more illegal the very existence of its members was likely to be. By the time of the Alloy of Law era that’s no longer the case. Criminal Crews are likely to be much less noble, and there are many more archetypes you might consider. Obviously the Trackers are of the ‘lawkeeper’ type, effectively on the opposite side of the coin from the original MAG Crews. Alright, check your metals and your six-shooters, because it’s time to Meet the Party

Astryn Petrel, the High Roller

Concept: Lucky Riotous Gambler

Race: Human

Tragedy: Hometown fell to the worst the Roughs had to offer.

Destiny: Become the leader of a new, safe settlement.

Attributes (Average): Physique 2 Charm 5 Wits 4

Standings (Weak): Resources 4  Influence 3 Spirit 2

Resiliences: Health 6 Reputation 8 Willpower 6

Traits: Stack the deck and beat the odds, Dancer, Persuasive, Svelte, Sly

Powers (Strong/Twinborn): Allomancy Zinc 4, Feruchemy Chromium 4

Stunts: Riot Aim

Props: Twinborn’s Kit (Average Chromium Metalmind, Zinc Misting Vial), Formal Clothing/Jewelry, Deck of Cards, Cohnvave Two-Shot

Astryn Petrel brings a degree of charm to the Trackers that the rest of the posse lack, and for giving them a way to talk their way to information and out of trouble she’d be a valuable addition. But Astryn is also a Twinborn, with access to one Allomantic ability and one Feruchemic ability. She is what’s known as a ‘High Roller’, a type of Twinborn with a reputation for turning everything into a high-stakes gamble. When she burns Zinc she can Riot the emotions of others, enhancing a chosen emotion to give her an edge in manipulating her target. Her Chromium metalmind allows her to store luck, turning the odds against her while she’s storing but allowing her to not just bend but break the odds in her favor when she taps into it. Finally, while not a dedicated fighter she’s not helpless: her Riot Aim stunt lets her burn Zinc and Riot the emotion of someone attacking her to throw off their aim.

Joshin Entrone, The Eagle Eye

Concept: Eagle-Eyed Bounty Hunter

Race: Human

Tragedy: My partner got killed by the one that got away.

Destiny: End banditry in the Roughs.

Attributes (Average): Physique 5 Charm 2 Wits 4

Standings (Weak): Resources 4 Influence 2 Spirit 3

Resiliences: Health 9 Reputation 4 Willpower 7

Traits: Restore justice to the Roughs, Lawkeeper, Expert Tracker, Quiet, Focused

Powers (Strong/Twinborn): Allomancy Tin 4, Feruchemy Tin 4

Props: Immerling Multi-Shot Rifle, Leather Duster, Tin Metalminds (4/Tiny), Twinborn’s Kit (Average Tin Metalmind, Tin Misting Vial)

Joshin Entrone is a Twinborn whose Allomantic and Feruchemic metals are the same, making him capable of a feat called Compounding. If Joshin compounds a metalmind, effectively burning it as if it were being used for Allomancy, it provides a massive boost of Feruchemical power. Since his metal is Tin, which focuses on improving the senses, Joshin can become eerily perceptive, which serves him well in his efforts to pursue lawbreakers. As a Compounder he’s a little behind the others in Stunts since he doesn’t get any at character creation, but spending a few Advancements will fix that quickly, and he has access to a few unique ones too. Once he finds his quarry, well, he’s more than a decent shot with his Immerling.

Evhar Garbeau, The Gunsmith

Concept: Conscientious Ironmonger

Race: Human

Tragedy: A Lawkeeper died, and I just watched.

Destiny: Bring down an infamous criminal gang.

Attributes (Average): Physique 4 Charm 3 Wits 4

Standings (Strong): Resources 7 Influence 4 Spirit 2

Resiliences: Health 11 Reputation 7 Willpower 6

Traits: Make amends for my cowardice, Gunsmith, Tinker, Smells of Gunsmoke, Skittish

Powers (Weak): N/A

Stunts: Create Guns, Customize Guns (Magnum Force)

Props: Pack Animal, Wagon, Gunsmith’s Workshop, Heispel Autloader (Magnum Force), Bulletproof Vest, Heispel Pump Shotgun (Magnum Force)

Evhar Barbeau is a master of the pinnacle of weapons technology in the Alloy of Law era: firearms. As with the Final Empire-era, characters that choose ‘Weak’ for their Powers gain two extra Traits. Unlike Final Empire characters, however, Stunts are not limited to Allomancers, and Weak-Powered PCs can trade in those bonus Traits for bonus Stunts instead. Evhar has two Gunsmithing Stunts, allowing him to both create new weapons and add the damage-increasing Magnum Force customization to them using Resources. There are plenty more Stunts where those came from, too. While Evhar’s most important contribution is to keep the Trackers armed and ready, he’s not a bad shot himself, and his customized weapons pack a nasty punch.

Barl, The Koloss-Blooded

Concept: Koloss-Blooded Deputy

Race: Koloss-Blooded

Tragedy: Refused the spikes, exiled from the tribe.

Destiny: Help build a koloss-blooded society.

Attributes (Strong): Physique 7 Charm 3 Wits 4

Standings (Weak): Resources 4 Influence 2 Spirit 3

Resiliences: Health 11 Reputation 5 Willpower 7

Traits: Prove others wrong about the koloss-blooded, Lawkeeper,  Quick-Thinking, Big and Brawny, Affable

Powers (Average): Koloss-Blooded

Stunts: Dense Muscle

Props: Aluminum Sword, Riesfel Shotgun, Leather Duster

Barl is a Koloss-Blooded, a new race for the Alloy of Law era that descends from the monstrous Koloss. As such Barl’s Physique was improved by one, and he gains an additional two dice on actions involving feats of physical strength. He also gains access to an entire set of Stunts unique to the Koloss-Blooded, with his Dense Muscle Stunt giving him a natural armor to reduce damage from physical attacks. Other Koloss-Blooded Stunts will make him even tougher, help him heal, and make him deadlier in a fight. Speaking of a fight, he’s the only member of the Trackers equipped for melee combat, and his aluminum sword is immune to Coinshots and Lurchers. That could be a lifesaver when metals start flying around.

Myshalla Dallewyl, The Steelrunner

Concept: Steelrunning Vigilante

Race: Human

Tragedy: My enclave was wiped out by bandits.

Destiny: Become the Ferring every bandit fears.

Attributes (Strong): Physique 6 Charm 3 Wits 4

Standings (Weak): Resources 4 Influence 2 Spirit 3

Resiliences: Health 10 Reputation 5 Willpower 7

Traits: Avenge my enclave, Courier, Quick on the draw, Thick Terris accent, Ruthless

Powers (Average/Ferring): Feruchemy Steel 5

Stunts: Steelrunner Shot

Props: Sterrion 36 Revolver, Leather Duster, Steel Metalminds (3/Average), Pathist Earring

Myshalla Dallewyl is a Ferring; the Feruchemists who could use every type of metalmind are a thing of the past, and Ferrings have taken their place, each with a single type of metalmind at their disposal. As a Steelrunner Myshalla’s gift allows her to store and tap physical speed, slowing her down while she’s storing and turning her into a blur when she taps. The Shot Stunts available to a Steelrunner make her particularly dangerous in a gunfight, with Steelrunner Shot allowing her to tap speed to fire twice with a single action. With the sheer amount of bullets she can send downrange, and how much faster she’s going to get as she advances, it’s quite possible she’ll be the Tracker with the highest kill count.

The Trackers show off most of what’s new in the Alloy of Law era: Twinborn, Compounding, Koloss-Blooded, Ferrings, Allomantic/Feruchemical Shot Stunts, and Gunsmithing Stunts. Two things are missing: Compounding Stunts, which can’t be taken at character creation anyway, and Gunplay Stunts. Gunplay Stunts are something that every character has access to, and include things like Dual Wielding, Speed Loading, and Ricochet. They could make someone like Evhar a deadly duelist, and when combined with the Metallic Arts you’re going to see truly amazing feats of Gunplay.

Who They Are

Astryn Petrel was just another dancing girl in a small saloon in a little nothing town in the Roughs, but it was her life and she liked it. Rioting the emotions of her audience made her popular, and she always had just enough Luck stored up to get her out of trouble. That Luck was all that saved her when bandits hit the town in a particularly foul mood. There just happened to be a wagon full of hay outside that window, the best horse in town just happened to have been left alone, and that Two-Shot just happened to be tucked away in the saddlebags. Astryn never planned to be helping lawkeepers by acting as their friendly face, ferreting out information, or drawing in their targets, but it’s her life now and she’s found that she likes it. Her type of Twinborn is known as a High Roller, after all, and this is certainly more thrilling than dancing in a saloon. She just dreams of having something better.

Joshin Entrone was the third son of his noble family, not much more than a bargaining chip in the grand scheme of things, and he didn’t find purpose in life until he left Elendel behind and picked up a badge and a gun. He had a township to protect, a good use of his Eagle Eye Twinborn gifts, and a sense of accomplishment with every criminal that got put away or sent to the hangman. His ideal life got dealt a serious blow, however, in a gunfight where everything seemed to go wrong. While most of the criminals involved went down one slipped away after killing Joshin’s partner. His metalminds were empty and his Tin vials were used up, and by the time he rectified either of those the trail had gone cold. It’s been a few years since, and Joshin no longer has a township to protect. Instead he’s got the Wasteland Trackers, a wandering posse who will go wherever they have to in order to bring their quarry to justice.

Evhar Barbeau was a gunsmith in good standing in the Roughs, with enough talent that he could have been rich enough to live in Elendel in a big fancy house. But he knew too well that guns were made to kill, and that just because he wasn’t the one to pull the trigger didn’t absolve him of responsibility. As a result he only sold his weapons to lawkeepers, and only after they proved themselves to be trustworthy examples of the breed. He was proud of his work and his relationship with the good guys until the day a gunfight in Evhar’s town went bad, a lawkeeper went down, and Evhar . . . hid in his shop. Castigating himself for what he now thought of as cowardice, the gunsmith came to believe that simply arming those who were hunting criminals wasn’t doing enough. So he made himself some custom weapons, loaded up his tools, and followed the dead lawkeeper’s partner out into the Roughs.

Barl fought for and won the right to be given the spikes of a full-blooded Koloss warrior, a privilege in a tribe that lived beyond even the least civilized areas of the Roughs. Barl had seen human settlements, however, and questioned if wandering the wilds was literally all that his people could manage. For not accepting the spikes outright Barl was exiled from the tribe and forced to try and integrate into human society. It was a rough few years, but he found a few mentors among the other Koloss-Blooded exiles and gradually built a life for himself. He now questioned if the exiles had to live as outcasts no matter where they ended up, and came to the conclusion that his time was best spent trying to help his people by improving their reputation. He ended up a lawkeeper deputy in a dusty town with every time he proved someone wrong about the Koloss-Blooded by doing his job or being soft-spoken being a victory, and now he’s taken his efforts on the road.

Myshalla Dallewyl was born and grew up in one of the Terris enclaves in the mountains that ring the Elendel Basin, where the Terris work to live their lives as their ancestors did before the Final Empire rose to power. It was a peaceful, isolated existence that Myshalla enjoyed in large part because she had known nothing else, using her steelminds to travel to neighboring enclaves as a courier. That changed when bandits, chasing rumors that the enclave had found a vein of one valuable metal or another, raided the Terris intending to steal the ore. When the rumors turned out to be false the bandits turned violent. Only Myshalla, tapping more deeply into her steelminds than she ever had before, escaped by fleeing to one of the other enclaves. She remained there for a time, but a growing hunger for vengeance she couldn’t shake made her gradually incapable of living in a peaceful enclave. She left, not knowing quite what she intended to do, until she got a gun in her hand and she realized speed made all the difference in a quick draw.

How They Interact

Astryn respects Joshin and follows his lead, but she laments the Eagle Eye’s complete inability to do things her way with clever words and careful measuring (and then breaking) of the odds. He does a fantastic job of watching her back, though. Evhar’s a jumpy little thing, and his nerves can cause trouble when things get tense, but if more people were willing to stand up like he has then maybe Astryn’s hometown could’ve been saved. Barl’s a friendly sort, the kind that Astryn always appreciated as a regular back in the saloon, and he’s kind of like a protective big brother. He’s always willing to spend time beating her at cards while she’s storing Luck, too, which is nice considering how much time it can take with no money being involved. Myshalla scares Astryn sometimes with her preference for the ‘dead’ part of ‘dead or alive’, but she empathizes with the Terris woman over a lost home and family.

Joshin has never quite known what to do with Astryn ever since she offered to help him lure the Habbend Brothers out of hiding with a high stakes card game.It worked then and works now, but he’s never entirely comfortable with the trickery. Evhar was there when Joshin’s partner was killed, and joined Joshin when he left town. The Eagle Eye has never once blamed the gunsmith for what happened, and worries about the man’s safety at times, but as the two original Trackers they’re pretty close. Barl’s been a model deputy since he asked to join, and the nicest Koloss-Blooded that Joshin has ever met. When Joshin feels talkative enough he’ll admit that the man proved him wrong about the Koloss-Blooded in general. He’d like to see Barl as the head lawkeeper of a big town or city one day, as the man’s earned it. Myshalla is a great shot to have on your side, but Joshin’s had to stop her from unnecessarily killing a few bounties more than once. He’s hoping to help her find some way out of her anger before it eats her alive.

Evhar marvels at Astryn’s presence in the Trackers, even though he was the one to convince Joshin to go along with her original plan.Whenever he gets nervous before going into a fight, he thinks about her sitting at one table or another across from thieves and murderers, keeping their attention while the rest of the Trackers line up their shots. Joshin is their leader and Evhar trusts him implicitly, but he still feels as if he owes the lawkeeper no matter what Joshin tells him. Evhar was pretty spooked the day a Koloss-Blooded man with a sword on his hip, a shotgun in hand, and a badge on his chest approached them and asked to join. Barl’s proved more than trustworthy and a fast friend since, though, and when the Trackers split up they’re often paired together. Myshalla spooked Evhar when she found them out in the wilds, and she still spooks him now and again, but after learning her story Evhar’s started working on something special for her.

Barl likes Astryn, and thinks they have a lot in common when it comes to thwarting people’s expectations: nobody thinks the gambling dancing girl in the nice dress is setting them up for the lawkeepers, and nobody expects the Koloss-Blooded to be a friendly face. He didn’t actually like Joshin at first, just thought that traveling with the Eagle Eye would be a good way to do more good and change more opinions, but they’ve got a good partnership now. Being partnered up with Evhar now and then felt like a babysitting job at first, but the skittish little gunsmith turned out to be quite the scrappy fighter when the chips are down, and there’s enough Koloss in Barl for him to respect that. Myshalla’s about as culturally different from the other three Trackers as Barl himself, so they’ve bonded a little over what it’s like to be an outsider trying to integrate. He tries to talk to her as often as he can; he knows how lonely it can get.

Myshalla knows that Astryn lost her home as well, and admires that someone without a background or Metallic Art that normally caters to fighting has struck out to hunt down criminals. She gets a little jealous of the fancy dresses, too, although she’d rather die than admit it. Joshin can be trusted to follow his quarry wherever it goes, which is exactly why Myshalla wandered into the Trackers camp one night, but they’ve butted heads a few times over the true meaning and execution of justice. She doesn’t enjoy those arguments, but they’re likely to keep happening. Evhar seems to get more skittish around her, but he keeps asking about her Sterrion and sketching something while she practices her marksmanship. She knows he cares, in his own way. Barl was the first one to coax the full story out of Myshalla one night while they had the watch, and she feels closer to the big deputy than the rest of the Trackers. She isn’t always in the mood to talk, but she tries to let Barl know she appreciates the effort.

The Future

There’s plenty of danger out in the Roughs, from bandits to thieves to Koloss raiders to who knows what else. Even if the trail were to take the Trackers back into the Elendel Basin, even to Elendel itself, they’d almost always find some sort of trouble to get themselves into. Will Astryn, Joshin, Evhar, Barl, and Myshalla shoot straight and achieve their Destinies, even if they’re not the Destinies they expected? Or will the dangers of Scadrial claim a few more lawkeepers? That’s up to you (and your dice, and maybe Astryn’s luck) to determine!

You can find the Alloy of Law supplement for the Mistborn Adventure Game here, although keep in mind that you’ll need the MAG core book in order to play. There’s also a second Alloy of Law-era supplement planned for Spring 2017, Masks of the Past, which will catch the game up with more recent novels.

Do you have feedback after using this batch of characters? How about a system you’d like to Meet the Party for? Speak up in the comments or give me a shout on Twitter @HungryHalflingIf you want to support Cannibal Halfling Gaming, please let your friends know about us and/or become a Patron!

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