Bargain Bin Gaming: July, 2019

This week is Independence Day in the US, and here are some opportunities to declare independence from cost constraints as you try to build your RPG collection. As usual we have Bundle of Holding and DriveThruRPG sales being highlighted, as well as a free product that’s definitely worth checking out.

Bundle of Holding

First up at Bundle of Holding is Colonial Gothic, a game of supernatural horror during the American Revolution. A special for the 4th of July, the starter set is eight bucks and gets you four core books. Go up to the bonus collection and you not only get a solid group of splats but also the designer’s newest game, Fairyland, which is a horror game based in the world of the Brothers Grimm.

Next up is Tiny Dungeon, the first game using the TinyD6 system. Core collection for this one is ten bucks, and stepping up to the bonus collection gets you some other TinyD6 games, like Tiny Frontiers and Tiny Wastelands.

Also available for another week or so is the Paranoia: Red Clearance bundle. This is the latest version of the classic Dystopian RPG; if you’re interested in the difference between this edition and earlier ones you can check out my System Split for Paranoia. The starter collection for this one is twenty bucks, a bit more expensive but it is a newer game. Step up to the Bonus Collection and you get four more supplements.

The last bundles currently out are for the Advanced Fighting Fantasy system, based on an old collection of gamebooks. The first bundle starts at ten bucks and gets you a solid start with the system, then the second bundle is eight bucks and even more supplements. If you’re interested act fast, these bundles expire at the end of this weekend (July 7th).


A few of the sales from last month are ongoing, but there’s some new stuff worth mentioning. First, Magpie Games has a sale on Cannibal Halfling favorite, Masks, going through July 10th. We have reviewed and played Masks and its supplements and love them, so now’s a great chance to get in on the fun if you haven’t before.

While there are tons of short sales popping up at DriveThruRPG, Orcs Unlimited is putting a large chunk of their modules for sale for the entire month of July. Check out their stuff, and grab it at the deeply discounted price of 99 cents for most items.

Free Stuff Special: The Witcher RPG

The Witcher RPG Easy Mode is an introduction to Talsorian’s newest RPG, and is free. If you read my review and want to check the game out before making a purchase, this is a great opportunity!

As always, if there are sales you want to highlight, be them for your products or someone else’s, let us know! There’s tons of great games to be found in the bargain bin at every time of year.

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