Weekend Update: 3/12/2022

Welcome to the Cannibal Halfling Weekend Update! Start your weekend with a chunk of RPG news from the past week. We have the week’s top sellers, industry news stories, and discussions from elsewhere online.

DriveThruRPG Top Sellers for 3/12/2022

  1. Blaster: Volume 4
  2. Hunter: the Vigil Second Edition
  3. World of Snow and Rain (Korean)
  4. The Lazy DM’s Companion
  5. WFRP: The Imperial Zoo

Top News Stories

Itch.io Charity Bundles Make A Difference: Visit itch’s front page this week and you’ll see that it’s dominated by charity bundles, once again proving that the indie game design community there is a force to be reckoned with when rallied to a cause. Two of the bundles are working to help those affected by the invasion of Ukraine.

The Bundle for Ukraine is supporting the International Medical Corps and the Voices of Children, offering 992 items worth about $6,550 for $10. Hosted by Necrosoft Games, the BfU is an itch-wide affair including video games, assets, books, comics, and more. Even if none of that interests you, there are still 317 ‘physical’ games, including Liminal Horror, Troika, and Hope Is Not A Plan. The Bundle has raised $4.3 million as of this writing, with five days and change left.

The TTRPG Community Stands With Ukraine Bundle is, in contrast to the BfU and as the name may suggest, a tabletop roleplaying game only bundle – 112 items worth approx. $483 for $5, with all proceeds going to support humanitarian efforts by the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. Notably, Canada’s federal government is matching donations to the Appeal, getting you more charity for your buck. This one has raised about $43k as of this writing, meaning it’s really raised about $86k, and is running for four more days and change.

The TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas! Bundle that we covered last Update is still going strong, having reached $318k and climbing that will be split between the  Transgender Education Network of Texas and Organización Latina de Trans en Texas. In addition to the 493 items in the bundle itself (~$2,830 value for $5), the bundle is now receiving support from Hit Point Press, Solarian Games, and Monte Cook Games. Submit proof that you purchased the Bundle to these three publishers and they’ll send you some of their own work as part of the bargain. The Bundle will continue for roughly another twenty-two days.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about overlap (at least between the BfU and the Trans Bundle), someone kindly did the work for us.

Have any RPG news leads or scoops? Get in touch! You can reach us at cannibalhalflinggaming@gmail.com, or through Twitter via @HungryHalfling.

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