Weekend Update: 3/18/2023

Welcome to the Cannibal Halfling Weekend Update! Start your weekend with a chunk of RPG news from the past week. We have the week’s top sellers, industry news stories, and discussions from elsewhere online.

DriveThruRPG Top Sellers for 3/18/2023

  1. Cyberpunk RED: Black Chrome
  2. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Lustria
  3. DRAGONLOCK Lost Dungeons: Master Set
  4. Mythic Game Master Emulator 2e
  5. Cyberpunk RED: Interface RED Vol. 2

Top News Stories

TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Florida: Florida has passed an alarming number of bills and executive orders directly impacting trans and queer people- especially youth. Chief among these are a ban for gender affirming healthcare, a gag order on the mention of LGBTQ+ topics and identities in schools, and bans on trans participation in youth and school sports. 

In response, we’ve brought together all of these games as part of the TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Florida bundle, a sequel to last year’s TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas!

Just like the Texas bundle, we’ve chosen two charities that work directly with trans folx on the ground in Florida, to get the most direct aid to those who need it most. Our charity partners are: Zebra Youth and Transinclusive Group.”

The Bundle has raised $162,088.26 so far, a number that will no doubt be out of date by the time we get to the end of this sentence. Costing only $5 to buy 505 items that would regularly cost ~$2,159 – Wanderhome, Thirsty Sword Lesbians, Soft Focuses, and Maharlika are just the tip of the iceberg – it’s a steal, and for a good cause.

Pelgrane Press Announces Intent to use AI Art: Although announced last week, Pelgrane’s announcement regarding its Legions of Carcosa supplement for The Yellow King was brought to our attention via a Reddit post earlier this week. Pelgrane is siding with generative art, which is putting it against the grain when it comes to how similar announcements in the TTRPG hobby have gone. While there is an interesting point about the use of software like Stable Diffusion to create ‘inhuman’ art, our belief at Cannibal Halfling is that the issues generative art creates around both copyright and artist livelihood are complicated, and cannot be distilled into a discussion that focuses solely on what the end product images look like, as is done in this post.

Discussion of the Week

Played Microscope for the first time: Microscope is a really nifty game, though one that’s difficult to wrap your head around if you’re only familiar with more traditional RPGs. This post and the ensuing discussion provide a lot of great context about the game, best practices, and potential pain points.

Have any RPG news leads or scoops? Get in touch! You can reach us at cannibalhalflinggaming@gmail.com, or through Twitter via @HungryHalfling.

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