Meet the Party: Star Wars d6: Crew of the Rocin

A delusional wannabe Jedi  who actually can touch the Force. A smuggler in love with her own lifestyle, determined to continue flying free. An engineer in way over his head, in both ‘career’ and love. A failure of a Jedi who has still found a need to pass on what he knows. The tagalong kid who gets into everything and keeps everyone on their toes. The old hand from the Senate who’s taken a more direct path to helping his constituents. By reader request we’re going back to the 1st Edition of the original Star Wars Roleplaying Game one last time to meet a crew of well-meaning misfits using templates right out of the rulebook!

When I put the D6 System of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game next to the Narrative Dice System of Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion/Force and Destiny, I noted that character creation for D6 would be fast and easy. Even creating character templates from scratch to see what the original Borrowed Time crew looked like didn’t take very long. Pulling templates right out of the book, as requested (thank you Josh R.!) was just as easy as I thought it would be. The hardest part were using the connections with other characters tips on the back of each template to link the crew together, and the name them . . . and once I dug into Star Wars history to find what inspired the Quixotic Jedi template, even that last part came easy.

Don-Wan Kihotay

Character Template: Quixotic Jedi

Description: A crazed old man who read too many tales of the Jedi, and finally got pushed too far by the Empire. He’s taken up the sword (it’ll have to do until he can find a lightsaber of his own)  and set out into the galaxy as a knight errant, determined to fight the good fight.

Dexterity: 3D+2

  • Melee 4D+2, Melee Parry 4D+2

Knowledge: 2D+1

  • Cultures 3D+2, Survival 3D+2

Mechanical: 2D+2

  • Beast Riding 3D+2

Perception: 3D

Strength: 3D

Technical: 2D+1

Sense: 3D

Equipment: Dueling sword, 1000 credits standard

Quote: “I feel . . . a disturbance in the Force.” (Yeah, sure, pal.)

Connections: Don-Wan and Alon have become close friends, oddly enough, and Alon does provide a few pointers. Sera is the one who brought Don-Wan on board, and seems to have done so largely because she finds Don-Wan amusing.

Sera Vantes

Character Template: Smuggler

Description: It’s supposed to only be about the credits and keeping the Rocín spaceworthy, but the Empire makes that harder every year, and to be honest . . . Sera’s not had the best of luck with the actual smuggling part. Might as well sign up with the rebels, try to make things better, and live the good life along the way.

Dexterity: 3D+1

  • Blaster 4D+1, Dodge 4D+1

Knowledge: 2D+1

Mechanical: 3D+2

  • Astrogation 4D+2, Starship Gunnery 4D+2, Starship Piloting 5D+2

Perception: 3D

  • Con 4D

Strength: 3D

Technical: 2D+2

Equipment: Rocín (Stock light freighter), heavy blaster pistol, comlink, 2000 credits standard, 25000 credits in debt to a crime boss

Quote: “I don’t have the money with me.”

Connections: After flying solo for way too long, Sera brought Carden on as a partner to keep the Rocín flying. He stutters a lot, but he’s good for the old ship . . . and kinda cute. Everyone else are crew or passengers, although ‘passengers’ doesn’t really work, any more.


Character Template: Tongue-Tied Engineer

Description: Times were tough, and Luci kept getting into trouble . . . and attracting the wrong kind of attention from the Empire. Carden got them a way to stay ahead of the Imperials and even get a few hits in, but he’s definitely not born to this, and it shows.

Dexterity: 2D+1

  • Dodge 3D+1

Knowledge: 4D

  • Technology 5D

Mechanical: 2D+2

  • Repulsorlift Op. 3D+2. Starship Shields 3D+2

Perception: 2D+1

  • Bargain 3D+1

Strength: 2D+2

Technical: 4D

  • Starship Repair 6D

Equipment: Pocket computer, 1000 credits standard, R2 unit

Quote: “The integral over the surface rho with respect to v is, umm, let’s see, del cross negative B, plus the partial derivative of…”

Connections: Luci’s older sibling, Carden managed to convince Sera Vantes to take them in by offering his services as ship engineer . . . a relationship further complicated by Carden having fallen (secretly and inarticulately) in love with Sera.

Alon Quix

Character Template: Failed Jedi

Description: What’s the point? Republic’s gone, Jedi are gone, Empire is everywhere, why bother? Well, no matter how far down a bottle Alon tries to hide, the Force keeps whispering in his head . . . and now a whole pack of youngsters and crazies has dropped in his lap, and someone has to save them from themselves.

Dexterity: 2D+2

Knowledge: 3D+1

  • Streetwise 4D+1

Mechanical: 2D

Perception: 3D+1

  • Gambling 4D+1, Hide/Sneak 4D+1

Strength: 2D+2

Technical: 2D

Control: 3D

Sense: 3D

Equipment: Lightsaber, robes, bottle of rotgut, 250 credits

Quote: “Kids. Gah. Kids. You wanna learn how to use the Force? Listen when I talk to you. (Wheeze). Damn kids. Where’s the whiskey?”

Connections: Luci is Alon’s student. Not that she makes it easy on him.


Character Template: Kid

Description: Luci really is just a kid . . . but even she knows that things are wrong with the galaxy, despite Carden’s best efforts. She didn’t really expect to get involved in a great adventure, but here she is, and she wants to make the most of it!

Dexterity: 3D+2

  • Dodge 4D+2

Knowledge: 2D+2

Mechanical: 3D

Perception: 3D+2

  • Hide/Sneak 4D+2, Search 4D+2

Strength: 2D+1

  • Brawling 3D+1

Technical: 2D+2

  • Demolition 3D+2, Droid Prog./Repair 3D+2, Security 3D+2

Equipment: Two bottles of fizzyglug, one packet candy, a small stone, length of string, a small animal (dead or alive – your choice), 250 credits standard

Quote: “Oh boy! Let’s get ’em. C’mon guys!”

Connections: Luci idolizes Don-Wan and follows them around endlessly – much to Alon’s irritation.

Fernan Don

Character Template: Old Senatorial

Description: Years and years spent fighting Palpatine and his cronies in the Senate chamber and . . . well Fernan wouldn’t outright say they were wasted, because someone had to dig in their heels and try, and but he wouldn’t be aboard the Rocín if he still thought the law would work. Someone’s got to take care of his constituents, after all.

Dexterity: 3D

Knowledge: 4D

  • Alien Races 5D, Bureaucracy 5D, Cultures 5D, Languages 5D, Planetary Systems 5D

Mechanical: 3D

Perception: 4D

  • Command 6D

Strength: 2D

Technical: 2D

Equipment: Hold-out blaster, spartan clothing, comlink, 2000 credits standard

Quote: “And snap to it, young man!”

Connections: When Fernan needed to take his fight with the Emperor out of the Senate chamber and into the hard vacuum of space, he looked for help from those of his homeworld, finding Sera Vantes and her crew.

So there you have it! Can this Quixotic Jedi, Smuggler, Tongue-Tied Engineer, Failed Jedi, Kid, and Old Senatorial stand up to the might of the Galactic Empire? Will Luci follows the example of Alon or Don-Won? Will Carden ever build up the courage to confess his feelings to Sera? Can Fernan keep his people alive? As always, that’s for you (and your dice, and maybe the will of the Force) to determine!

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