Cannibal Halfling Radio Episode 6 – Distancing & Dragons

We’re all trying to stay sane these days, and for many of us that means gaming, but when staying safe means staying away how can we manage that? The Cannibal Halflings talk about how to take your tabletop roleplaying experience digital with options and advice for remote play. As for playing with whoever you’re quarantined with, we highlight a number of single-player and two-player games, and then talk tips for this very different style of play!

Things We Talk About:

Playing online: D&D Beyond, Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, D1-C3, The Hydian Way, Eclipse Phase, Demigods, Play by Post, Discord, Google My Maps, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype

Solo and One-on-One Games: Scarlet Heroes, Thousand Year Old Vampire, The Executioner’s Daughter, Graphic Novel Adventures, plot ARMOR, Emotional Mecha Jam, Together We Write Private Cathedrals, Quill: A Letter-Writing Roleplaying Game for a Single Player, GUMSHOE One-2-One, Cthulhu Confidential, Night’s Black Agents: Solo Ops

Adam Koebel got mentioned this episode, which was recorded before certain behavior of his on another stream. We at CHG would like to take this chance to remind you of the power that brand recognition has, and to consider the importance and benefits of Consent in Gaming.

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Music by Tristan Lohengrin, art by Khairul Hisham! Thanks for listening!

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