The Mad Adventurers

Cannibal Halfling Gaming wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the Mad Adventurers Society, there’s no way around that. Fortunately I’m not the only mad adventurer who’s gone on after the Society to keep creating. So for the last article of the year here on CHG I’ve decided to gather a list of where everyone has gone and what they’re up to.

Fiddleback and the Angry GM are continuing their GM Word of the Week podcast, putting ‘more flavor in your flavor text’. After researching the etymology of a word Angry writes the ‘cast, and then Fiddleback records it. It really is a smart little ‘cast, easy to listen to and always fun and educational. Angry is, of course, continuing his own work, and I have it on good authority Fiddleback is Up To Something(s). Maybe including something with AI, and spaceships, and Transit, maybe. An RPG of some sort?

Nathan and Alex certainly haven’t gone on their last Delve, either. Delve has been a great podcast for getting into the guts of game design, and has very often been a perfect platform to find new games to play as they invite designers and developers onto the show to talk about their creations.

Jay Draper, formerly of The Toolkit and also the voice of Regards from Afar on Stories of the Fifth Age, has been hard at with work with a Dresden Files RPG podcast: City of Steel, taking place in Sheffield and found on Too Many Dice.

Tales from the Hydian Way struck out on their own a bit earlier, and continues to be an amazing source for Star Wars role-playing using Fantasy Flight Games’ material. Ben, David, and Joshua do some genuinely impressive work; every episode has something you can use as inspiration in your own game, and I hear they’re Up To Something as well.

Jason Wood continues to preach the good word as the Mad Cleric. I’ve always found Jason to be a good source of advice and a genuinely good way of looking at things, and of particular interest is his recent focus on 1e AD&D.

Jacob Waterman has joined up with Nerdolopedia and its Youtube channel to continue creating content “for nerds, by nerds”. Miniature painting, video games, there’s a lot of varied content there, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Jacob and co. are going to be doing in the future.

There’s nothing concrete yet, but I do hear that Rob Almond is going to keep on Gaming in the Wild. Keep an eye on him, he does good work.

Adam and Nicole are going Between Stars, a ‘serial space opera podcast’. Very early days, but it certainly sounds interesting!

That’s all I know of for now, but I strongly suggest keeping another eye on Leslie, Cam, Nick, Sammy, Jared, and all the rest.  Some of them are Up To Something of their own, but even the ones who aren’t are great people worth a follow. (And if one of you has something I forgot to link here, let me know! I have Phenomenal Cosmic Editing Powers now, I’ll add it in.) If you enjoyed the content produced by the Mad Adventurers Society, or simply want quality gaming content, look these folks up! It’ll be worth your time. Thanks for reading, and may all of us Mad Adventurers help put adventures on tables and bring games and gamers together in the new year.


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