Meet the Party: After The Last Jedi

A captain, still scarred by the loss of her fighter squadron in battle with the First Order. A diplomat with a surprising talent for getting under a person’s skin so much that they do the right thing out of spite. An obsessive mechanic, signing on to the cause for access to high grade military tech. A former bounty hunter,a remorseless killer, who looks to protect those who saved his life and taught him about The Force. A burgeoning Force Sensitive, who is torn between the legend of the Jedi and her own criminal bent. In a galaxy far far away, a long time ago, but still a few decades after the events of the original movies, the Republic has fallen (again) and it’s time to make up interquel stories as we await Episode 9!

I am aware that fan reaction to The Last Jedi has been very polarized. However, whether you loved it or hated it, I truly do believe that there is an excellent foundation for a campaign in Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG. The Resistance has been dealt a mighty blow, but it still has its leaders. The task now is to rebuild, rejuvenate supply lines and convince the galaxy that all hope is not lost. To that end, they are going to have to be willing to be a bit unconventional for a while, taking on whoever they can find willing to fight for the cause. Meanwhile, a new Supreme Leader rules the First Order. The First Order had always been tyrannical, but they at least had the virtue of stability. That stability is no more.

Meanwhile, rumors abound throughout the galaxy. The Jedi, Master Luke Skywalker and a new apprentice have returned, spurring on a new generation of awakenings in the Force throughout the galaxy. There are whispers and stories of new Force sensitives appearing…as are rumors of the Knight of Ren as bloody enforcers of the new Supreme Leader.

To me, this is very fertile ground. Enough change happened between Episodes 7 and 8 that you can tell a lot of stories about what happens between 8 and 9. Plenty of people dislike the prequels, but rather enjoy the Clone Wars series so why don’t we tell our own stories?

To this end, I have a few characters cooked up for a Resistance Cell, sent to get the organization back on track.

Belinda Zee:  Corellian Human Commander/Squad Leader/Ship Captain

Duty: Space Superiority 20 (+10 for Age of Rebellion Profession)

Motivation: Redemption

Emotional Strength: Caution

Emotional Weakness: Coldness

Characteristics: Brawn 2, Agility 4, Intellect 2, Cunning 2,  Willpower 2, Presence 3

Wound Threshold: 14

Strain Threshold: 12

Soak: 2

Defense: 0/0

Abilities: +1 to Piloting (Space)

Talents: Pride and Joy, Improved Pride and Joy, Quick Strike, Field Commander

Skills: Cool 1, Leadership 2, Gunnery 1, Piloting (Space) 2, Ranged (Light) 1

Equipment: Blaster Pistol, Commlink, 75 credits

Belinda is the ostensible leader of this little endeavor, which has found her in a command role of a bunch of misfits, and is the one tasked with keeping order. She’s quite an able leader, but that doesn’t mean that she’s a desk jockey. Far from it, her Agility and training from being a Squad Leader means that she’s a hot stick and a fair shot, but it’s these skills along with her Pride and Joy (the ship) that provides boosts to her Leadership when she’s around it.

Agrippa Wonphh: Zabrak Diplomat/Agitator

Duty: Recruitment 15 (+10 for Age of Rebellion Profession, -5 for 1000 credits)

Motivation: Liberation

Emotional Strength: Independence

Emotional Weakness: Obstinance

Characteristics: Brawn 2, Agility 2, Intellect 3, Cunning 2,  Willpower 4, Presence 1

Wound Threshold: 12

Strain Threshold: 15

Soak: 3

Defense: 0/0

Abilities: Survival 1, Fearful Countainance

Talents: Grit, Convincing Demeanor, Scathing Tirade, Improved Scathing Tirade, Intimidating, Incite Rebellion

Skills: Coercion 2,  Knowledge (Core Worlds) 1, Knowledge (Lore) 1, Knowledge (Outer Rim) 1, Knowledge (Underworld) 1, Knowledge (Xenology) 1, Survival 1

Equipment: Lector’s Outfit, Commlink, Cultural Etiquette Manual (Coreworld, Rim), Species Database, 775 credits

Zabrak have a reputation for getting under people’s skin, but Agrippa really has a knack for finding a weak spot. Fortunately for the galaxy at large, Agrippa has chosen to use these talents to shame people to do the right thing, and he is preternaturally gifted to do so. His Scathing Tirade can actually damage foe’s strain while Incite Rebellion can turn people over to his side using Coercion. These actions are bolstered by Intimidate, which reduces the difficulty, the Lector’s Outfit (Boost on social rolls to groups) and the Cultural Etiquette Manual and his Fearful Containance and Cultural Etiquette Manuals (which add automatic successes to his social rolls). He also had a wide, if shallow, breadth of knowledge of the galaxy at large, whether it be in the Core, Rim, unusual Xeno’s or the Criminal Underworld. He’s needed to insult all of them in just the right way, and what better way to make use of all that knowledge?

Hacha Tsuko: Duros Technician/Rigger

Obligation: Debt 5

Duty: Tech Procurement 10

Motivation: Economic

Emotional Strength: Curiosity

Emotional Weakness: Obsession

Characteristics: Brawn 1, Agility 3, Intellect 4, Cunning 2,  Willpower 2, Presence 2

Wound Threshold: 14

Strain Threshold: 12

Soak: 1

Defense: 0/0

Abilities: Piloting (Space) 1, Intuitive Navigator

Talents: Signature Vehicle, Larger Project, Toughened, Gearhead, Tinkerer, Natural Tinkerer, Custom Paint Job

Skills: Astrogation 1, Computers 1, Coordination 1, Mechanics 2, Gunnery 1, Piloting (Space) 1

Equipment: Tool Kit, Commlink, Emergency Medical Kit

Hacha is a very useful figure to have on a ship. Astrogation, Computers and Mechanics are also incredibly useful from the technology side, and he is a fair co-pilot and gunner as well but his greatest asset to the ship are his Signature Vehicle talents, which make the ship easier to repair, amd with the Custom Paint Job, it assists with social skills. As he pushes further and further, he can do even more with the ship.

Solork Tan:  Gank Bounty Hunter/Martial Artist/Force Adherent

Obligation: Family  5

Duty: Combat Victory 0 (-10 for 2500 credits)

Motivation: The Force

Emotional Strength: Justice

Emotional Weakness: Cruelty

Characteristics: Brawn 4, Agility 2, Intellect 3, Cunning 2,  Willpower 2, Presence 1

Wound Threshold: 14

Strain Threshold: 12

Soak: 6

Defense: 0/0

Abilities:  Coercion 1, two pieces of cyberware worth 5,000 credits combined

Talents: Iron Body, Parry (2 ranks), Unarmed Parry, Disciple of Lore, Precision Strike

Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Coercion 1, Knowledge (Lore), Perception 1, Vigilance 1

Equipment: Repulsor Fist with Defensive Stance Mod, Gank Comm Implant, Corellian Arms “Storm” Charge Suit, Climbing gear, commlink, Czerka Vibroknuckles

Solork is definitely a bruiser, and has a knack for shrugging off hits that knock other beings flat with a high soak, and a Defensive Stance mod from his cyberware. In addition Unarmed Parry gives him damage reduction with even less strain cost than lightsaber users. He likes to get up close and personal, dishing out a mean right hook from his Repulsor Fist and a set of Vibroknuckles when the former needs to recharge. He does have hidden depths though, with a surprising amount of insight into the Lore of the Force.

Wx’yll’hym “Whix” L’drian: Bothan Mystic/Advisor

Morality: 50

Duty: Intelligence 0 (-10 for 2500 credits)

Motivation: Family

Emotional Strength: Enthusiasm

Emotional Weakness: Greed

Characteristics: Brawn 1, Agility 2, Intellect 2, Cunning 4, Willpower 2, Presence 3

Wound Threshold: 11

Strain Threshold: 12

Soak: 2

Defense: 1/1

Abilities:  Convincing Demeanor, Streetwise 1

Talents: Know Somebody (2 ranks), Plausible Deniability (2 ranks), Kill with Kindness, Nobody’s Fool, Sense Emotions

Skills: Charm 1, Coercion 1, Deception 1, Negotiation 1, Perception 1, Streetwise 1

Force Powers: Influence, Range and Control Upgrades

Equipment: Merr-Sonn Model 31 Palm Stunner, Scramble Key, Smuggler’s Trench coat, Commlink, Instrument (Slitherstick)  25 credits

Whix is the social player of the group, with a well rounded experience with social skills. She has a knack for talking her way into places that she shouldn’t, able to switch between lying through her teeth, bartering, flattering or (occasionally) intimidating a target depending on how she reads the mark. She supplements this abilities with the (unconscious?) understanding of the Force. It tends to be a subtle pull, used in conjunction with her natural gift of gab. When words fail, she has a couple of sneaky tricks with her gear such as bypassing locks with a Scramble Key, or stopping a fight before it begins with a Palm Stunner

The squad was formed using the Core books of Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny, No Disintegrations, Special Modifications, Desperate Allies and Endless Vigil. All characters were given 65 extra XP and 10 extra duty from their starting position to reflect a modest amount of experience within the Resistance. The party comes from a number of walks of life, and for some, being part of the Resistance is a new thing, even if they picked up a few skills before joining.

Who They Are

Belinda was once an X-wing squad leader for the Republic, but she joined the Resistance in protest over a lack of willingness to oppose the First Order. In the Resistance, she made a bit of a name for herself, racking up a decent kill count of TIE fighters. Sadly over the course of the past few months with the Resistance on its heels, her squadron has been all but obliterated, and she herself escaped death by a razor thin margin. At the moment, the Resistance simply can’t make her a squadron lead again, as they don’t have enough fighters. Instead, they pulled out an older design for her to use, the limited run U-wing that they were never able to put into full production, a ship which she adores. It’s difficult taking on a new group so soon, so she’s keeping herself emotionally distant. There’s no telling what it might do to her to care again, and then lose yet another team.

Agrippa was an old salt who had been through a tour of his own during the Rebellion. He wasn’t much of the type to make friends, and Iridonia remained staunchly independent. Agrippa was phased out shortly after fighting with the Empire concluded, as members of the New Republic began to dismantle the Rebellion. Agrippa resented being shunted away, and chose not to join the Resistance that General Organa was forming. His attitude changed with the destruction of the Hosnian system, stirring him to take back up the old ways. He had kept a number of contacts out over the years, and he has been assigned to track down as many as he can and get them to rejoin the fight.

Hacha is a technician, originally owning a ship customization shop on Duro. With its proximity to Corellia, (and the very popular CEC ship lines) there was plenty of business in giving pre-existing ships customizations. This was especially so in the years after the Rebellion, where there was a glut of decommissioned Rebellion and Imperial technology flooding the market. However, Hacha’s obsession with cramming every possible improvement on a ship led to his business failing and taking out a number of loans to stay afloat. Eventually, the business crashed and Hacha found himself blackballed from the industry with a number of creditors on his heels. He jumped ship to the Outer Rim, where it was more difficult for money lenders to find him. Joining up with the Resistance has been more of a choice of practicality more than ideology. The Resistance often has been forced to work with out of date models, and retrofitting them to match up to modern designs is Hacha’s specialty. Hacha has been thrilled to get access to an Incom U-wing, something that he never thought he would have the chance to do considering the limited run and age. He’s made it his Signature Ship, which makes it far easier to repair, as well as slapping a number of benefits on it, He is giddy at the idea of seeing more of the First Order tech, and is eager to crack this new “Hyperspace Tracking” thing. If he’s the first, he could be a legend.

Solork was once a part of a pack of Gank killers, bounty hunters and mercenaries that had a reputation for being ruthless. A few years ago, the First Order hired them to attack a temple of Guardians of the Whills, looking to strip them for kyber crystals. What the pack didn’t know, was that the First Order had no intention of keeping anyone alive to be a witness and in the middle of the mission, the First Order stormtroopers turned on the pack. Because of the Gank’s little known cybernetic connection, they were quickly able to rally and fight back, joining with the rest of the Guardians. Solork was the only survivor from his pack, but he was taken in by the Order, who nursed him back to health. This was shocking to the Gank, who decided to hang around and learn more. The Guardians taught him about The Force, which to Solork sounded like a larger, greater version of the cybernetic connection that his family had shared. Solork trained with the monks, honing his skills as a Martial Artist and learning the philosophy and history of the Force. While he was content, the peace of the galaxy would be ripped asunder. The First Order, the same people who had betrayed and killed his family, had massacred a system. Solork signed up with the Resistance, looking to take his old and new skills and make the hunters the hunted.

Whix grew up on Bothawui, born slightly after the Battle of Jakku and the full return of the Republic. The Bothans wildly boasted about their part of the Battle of Endor, and the sacrifice necessary to obtain the plans of the second Death Star. According to her mother, her father had been a New Republic operative who went MIA on a mission, and that led to a great deal of hero worship. Whix helped her mother scrap to get by, and found that she had an instinctive knack for hustling. She found it natural to read beings, and could find just the way to push or pull them the way she wanted. The temptation grew, and she found herself falling in with a rougher crowd, who used her skills to con offworlders who were visiting the planet, which earned her a few toys along the way. Over time, she began to feel something…different, about the way that she convinced people. Something seemed to change in her voice, and the eyes of her marks turned a little glassy. Something was different, but it just seemed to be a natural extension of what she was doing anyway. Whix didn’t think much of it, until she used it on her mother to make her less suspicious about where she was working. Her mother seemed to immediately know what she was doing, revealing that her father could do the same thing. According to her mother, dad had used those powers for the Republic. That guilt stirred something in Whix. When news broke that the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker had returned to the Resistance, and that he had an apprentice, Whix decided that she needed to join the Resistance and find them. Belinda and her crew were the first group Whix managed to find, and with her criminal talents and Force powers, she managed to convince them to take her on.

How They Interact

Belinda wonders how such a kriffhole like Agrippa seems to know someone on almost every planet they visit, and how they haven’t shot him. He is grating to deal with, but he’s good at his job. He seems to have mastered the art of not caring, and Belinda wonders if this is what she might be like some day. Hacha is a strange one, and he is definitely not standard Resistance material. At first she was annoyed at his claim of the U-wing (her Pride and Joy) as his, but with all the upgrades and the special paint job, she’s decided that she can live with co-parenting. He’s a solid co-pilot and gunner as well, though not good enough to cut in her old squad. At first, it was a little intimidating to have a Gank onboard, but Solork handles himself well enough as a soldier. He seems far more balanced and centered than she expected, and he is as potent a brawler as she could hope for. They keep things polite and professional, but sometimes she finds him studying her in a way that makes her feel uncomfortable. Whix reminds her of some of the pups in her old squad, and that send an uneasy knot in her stomach. Normally, she would be adamantly against putting the kid in harm’s way, but they truly are desperate. Moreso, if Solork is right about her being a Force sensitive, she needs to get Whix back to the General and her young friend sooner rather than later.

Agrippa feels for Belinda. The New Republic had not been kind to them but they both feel compelled to fight the good fight. He can tell that running a multi-role team is a departure for her, but she is coming along. She’ll climb up the ladder quickly if she can pull herself together. Hacha is a lazy, selfish snot who never bothered to learn a thing that didn’t involve circuitry. Fortunately, the Duros doesn’t seem to care about interacting with him either, as he’s too worried about the ship. That suits Agrippa just fine. Solork is a hard case, and Agrippa’s experience with Gank killers and Hutt mercenaries did not help at the beginning, but the fact that he cast aside his old life for the sake of justice counts for a lot. Whix is too shiny and perky for his taste, and he isn’t convinced about her motivations. It irks him that she can so naturally work people despite his years of experience, but when it comes time to pick a lock or slide in somewhere without causing a scene, he hasn’t seen better.

For Hacha, working with Belinda can be frustrating because she seems to be under the impression that this is her ship, just because she has rank on him, has been assigned to command the team, and the Resistance says so. Psssh. But she clearly knows how to get the best out of his work, and knows how to keep him focused, so she is not the worst boss he’s had. Agrippa is a moody egg stealer, but he has settled into a amicable dislike. As long as he shouts at others instead of Hacha, the Duros can deal with him. The others seem wary of Solork, but for Hacha he is a treasure trove. So much cyber…the biological acceptance of metal is rather impressive. He is also good for bashing in people who might otherwise be shooting at the tech, so all the better. Whix is an abnormality, and Hacha loves to dig into abnormalities. His desire to push is tempered by the fact that Whix periodically slides him something that “fell off the back of a speeder” that he can use on the ship. That makes her ok in his data collation.

Solork sees a similar pain of loss in Belinda that he feels. It’s hard to explain, but she’ll need time and he’ll keep an eye on her. Agrippa has the rage and irritation that he himself has learned to control. He would offer some advice, but Agrippa seems nowhere near ready to take it. Hacha is…well, off, but the Duros’s willingness to upgrade everyone’s gear just for the sake of doing so is a nice touch. Finding Whix has been the highlight of joining the Resistance. Here is one of the Force users the Guardians spoke of, and he considers it his duty to pass along what he knows. She seems eager to listen, but he’s not quite sure if it’s sticking.

Whix is thrilled to be out in the field! Belinda is like the big sister she never had, and she’s pretty sure that under that cool facade is someone who really cares. Of course, caring has consequences: Belinda is the first to chastise her when Whix goes off the rails and improvises. Agrippa is the trickiest one to fool. He’s been around the block a few times, and most of her tricks don’t work on him…but he does have a knack for falling for flattery. He might have one trick with his abrasive style, but it certainly is effective. Hacha is probably the easiest one to manage. His desires are simple, and he is rather appreciative when he gets them. They are probably the two greediest members of the crew, so she knows that he’ll cover for her if she lifts a few things from people who don’t need them. Solork is, like, so cool! The fact that he studied with Force monks is the best! He has a bunch of tricks that are nice and practical that help her use her abilities, but he seemed determined to keep up some deeper meaning bantha fodder with it. Ugh.

The Future

As I alluded to earlier, I think there is plenty of plot to feed these characters. Digging up manpower and materiel will keep them busy. But each character has questions, either about the way they push the world around them or the other characters. Belinda has to deal with her lingering guilt, and doing so might put her into conflict with more free spirited members of the crew. Agrippa’s caustic personality might drum up supporters, but it also might drum up enemies. Hacha and Solork’s old lives might come calling, either in people they screwed over, or old friends who now need a favor. And finally, at some point, Whix is going to have to deal with the balance in the Force she is currently riding…and who knows what will happen if she attracts the attention of a Knight of Ren.

I won’t give ship details, because I would love to offer some flexibility in the way people would want to play. I started out with the U-wing for a balanced support/starfighter role (and one that looks close to a civilian model) , but if players are looking less at space combat and more at negotiation or smuggling I might recommend a Lambda class or a VCX-100 Light Freighter (the Ghost from Rebels).

Let me know what you think, and what kind of adventures you would like to see in a post-The Last Jedi setting! Feel free to comment on Twitter at @WHalfling or @HungryHalfing!

EDIT: It turns out that the wonderful Dice for Brains podcast is just starting up a new campaign using a Rebellion cell who uses a U-wing (The “Aegis-II”). If you want examples of how to use one in a game, I thoroughly recommend checking it out here.

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      1. And lastly, I’d buy Belinda some Heavy Clothing and have Hacha trade in his emergency medpac for Heavy Clothing as well.


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