Cannibal Halfling Radio Episode 1 – Episode Zero

ENnie-Nominated Cannibal Halfling Gaming breaks out of the written word and invades the airwaves with Cannibal Halfling Radio!

That sound pretty fancy. Really, we just want to find our podcasting legs and talk about some games. Aaron, Jason, and Seamus talk about some CHG goings-ons, what they’ve been playing, and shine a spotlight on a malevolent haberdashery in Episode 1: Episode Zero.

Things We Talk About:

Genesys and the Stormlight Archive

Dogs in the Vineyard IN SPAAAAACE

The Veil

Traditonal Games and Why We Love Them

Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit

Dust Bowl Galaxy

Fate Accessibility Toolkit

For the Queen

Improv for Gamers

You can find us on Twitter

Aaron: @LevelOneWonk

Jason: @Blooperly_

Seamus: @RGM79Ace

And the CHG account @HungryHalfling for article and show updates!

You can drop by the Tavern of our Discord to chat with us. You can also support us on Patreon, and stay tuned for our debut on iTunes et al.!

Music by Tristan Lohengrin, art by Khairul Hisham!

Thanks for listening!


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