Three Years of Cannibal Halflings

Three years of Cannibal Halfling Gaming bringing our readers tabletop gaming reviews, advice, stories, material, and more!  More articles, more games, more contributors, more new frontiers, and more stuff coming down the pike. So how has 2019 gone for us, and what lies ahead?

We got nominated for an ENnie for Best Online Content! Quite the surprise, but then you miss all the shots you don’t take, right? We’re hoping to take another shot in 2020, maybe even bring home a medal.

We’ve started to work the con circuit in earnest now, snagging actual Media passes and covering Big Bad Con, Arisia, and PAX Unplugged and East.

We’ve published 6 Glimpses Into The Vault, 8 Adventure Logs, 4 Bargain Bin Gamings, 52 Editorials, 2 Indie Frontiers, 12 Kickstarter Wonks, 11 Level One Wonks, 3 Meet the Campaigns, 10 Meet the Parties, 10 System Hacks, 1 System Split, Tabl, and 24 Independents, for a total of 143 articles since 12/21/2018 as of this post (not counting this one).  Table Fiction was quiet this year, although I’m hoping we can bring that one back, and we saw an entirely new column with the Indie Frontiers.

Our top ten articles published this year were, from most viewed to least: Maybe . . . Don’t Play D&D?, Unearthing Sorcerers Etc., Why Tabletop RPG Kickstarters Fail, The Independents: Lancer, Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit Gameplay Review, Shadow of the Beanstalk Review, Strongholds and Followers Review, Tabletop Gamers: Pay Attention to Cyberpunk 2077, Star Wars: Rise of the Separatists Review, and Warhammer Fantasy: Rough Nights and Hard Days Review.

Interspersed with them, part of the overall top ten for the year, were Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition Review, the Novice’s Guide to Powered by the Apocalypse, and Wrath and Glory Review.

Reviews continue to be a big draw (the games often have an active community, or at least an eager creator, to help spread the links around), but this year saw a lot more sheer opinion articles making waves, which tells us that at least some of the time our thoughts on the industry have an audience. There were some important lessons in algorithmancy as well. Maybe . . . Don’t Play D&D? is our most-viewed article ever and probably will be for a very long time, proving that D&D discourse is going to keep humming right along, and that a somewhat snarky title can catch fire a bit, just be careful not to get burned.

Of course, the single biggest change around here is that we finally got into the podcasting game with Cannibal Halfling Radio! It’s a little baby of a podcast, only 4 episodes as of this article, but Aaron, Aki, Jason, and I have had a lot of fun so far throwing around game prompts, trading advice, and talking about the hobby’s news, and I honestly think we’re getting the hang of things pretty quickly. We’re also discussing doing some actual-play work, now that we’re live on the airwaves.

Speaking of Jason, we’ve got some new names on the roster! Jason Brown has joined the charge of the Independents and headed out to the Indie Frontiers, and in addition to being one of the voices on CHR is also our Podcasting Editor Extraordinaire. Ari David has brought word of the Trinity Continuum to CHG’s shores, while Mr. David Pickering of the Hydian Way got us through some rough nights and hard days. It’s been awesome to have these three join us, and I’m looking forward to what they bring next.

What’s 2020 look like? Busy! Very, very busy. Obviously there’s continuing to grow CHR, but we’ve got such a pile of written material to get through we needed to set up a tracking system to organize its flow (thanks Aaron)! Want to be a part of it? We’re still and always looking for more contributors!

Also, not to be forgotten, our writers have been creating not just material for games but entire games of their own! There’s my own Transit, and Jason has games ranging from blueprints to blessed (mecha) engines. Meanwhile Aaron has been taking us through his design process for Cyberpunk Chimera. In the new year you can expect more of this sort of thing as projects like Cyberpunk Chimera and G.E.N.E.S.Y.S. Mecha move towards publishable completion, other individual projects gain momentum, and potentially even some collaborative efforts sidle up to the bar (Cannibal Halfling Publishing?), something we’re pretty excited about.

Thanks to Aaron, Aki, Ari, David, Geni, Magdalen, Jason, and Jimmy. Thanks to Ryan Gadsby and all the rest of our patrons for supporting us, and thanks to everyone who clicked on one of those fine and elegantly crafted links. Thanks for every view, comment, share, and vote over the course of the year. We hope to keep earning each and every one of them.

As we head into our fourth year, I hope every story you have to tell is enjoyable (even if it’s a TPK), and I hope you continue to enjoy ours. Now go play some holiday one-shots and have fun! Happy holidays!

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