Cannibal Halfling Radio Episode 11 – Campaign Closure

It’s been a while! We talk a little about what some of our contributors have been up to when it comes to designing games of their own, including a look at a creative challenge that will be coming around again. Then, we get down to the real business of the episode: ending tabletop roleplaying game campaigns, from how to avoid premature endings, to making the endings you reach satisfactory, to moving on to the next game (sequel or otherwise)!

Things We Talk About

CHG Game Design: Our Queen Crumbles, Hero Too, Thirsty Sword Lesbians, National Game Design Month (site/jam), Cortex Prime, Quill, QUILL.exe: Transmissions from the Black

Campaign Endings: Cyberpunk 2020/Red, Living on Borrowed Time, System Mastery (4th Edition), Bluebeard’s Bride, Eclipse Phase, Masks: A New Generation, High Impact Heroics, Alice is Missing, Traditional Games, Kickstarter Wonk

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Aaron: @LevelOneWonk Editor Seamus: @RGM79Ace

And the CHG account @HungryHalfling for article and show updates! You can also drop by the Tavern of our Discord to chat with us.

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Music by Random Mind, art by Khairul Hisham! Thanks for listening!

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