Meet the Party: Force and Destiny: Knights of Weik

A Paladin of the Adamite Tower, wielding a sword made of sunfire and a pure heart. A Cendiary Priest, a mendicant craftsman traveling the world, fixing whatever he can along the way. A Skyholme Astromancer, a practitioner of great magic with dark forces hunting after her knowledge. A Captain of the seas of Weik, who is never satisfied with where his sails take him. Each Meet the Party article gives you an entire group of ready-to-play adventurers (maybe even some heroes) for your gaming needs for a variety of systems and settings. We’re giving Force and Destiny another look, but this time with a very different twist. There are no Jedi and Sith here, nor are there starships and speeders. Instead we’re going to meet heroes who see magic instead of the Force as we meet the Knights of Weik!

Nexus of Power, Force and Destiny’s ‘setting’ sourcebook (akin to Age of Rebellion’s Strongholds of Rebellion or Edge of the Empire’s Suns of Fortune) provided plenty of information about planets that were strong in the Force. One immediately caught my eye: Weik, a planet in Wild Space. Long ago a colony ship crashed on the planet quite by accident, stranding the colonists there. With no support from the Galactic Republic, the settlers eventually lost much of their technology and knowledge of the galaxy beyond their world. Now Weik is a planet of far-flung city-states and vast wilderness, but interesting things have resulted. The Force is not understood as it is in the wider galaxy, but it is still actually more widely known that on the majority of worlds; it is only that it is instead known as magic.

Force-users practice arcane rituals, using ‘spell components’ or arcane gestures or mystic incantations to exert their will on the world around them. They don’t technically need to do so, but they believe they do, and so it is on Weik. With knowledge of the Jedi and the Sith a nonexistent thing on the planet, and with the basic traditions of using the Force so altered by time and tradition, unique groups and orders of Force-users have sprung up. Weik is truly a world where a group of players can try something new and different in Star Wars. Jedi Knights are not unlike the Paladins of other games, after all, and Weik is home to more than a few Paladins.

Fiana Solaris, Human Guardian/Protector

Bonus: +21 Morality

Morality: 71 (Justice and Cruelty)

Motivation: Help the Helpless

Characteristics: Brawn 3, Agility 2, Intellect 3, Cunning 2,  Willpower 2, Presence 2

Force Rating: 2

Wound Threshold: 17

Strain Threshold: 12

Soak: 5

Defense: 0 Ranged/0 Melee

Abilities: Free Rank in Lightsaber, Free Rank in Charm

Talents: Body Guard, Physician, Parry, Reflect, Circle of Shelter, Stimpack Specialization, Force Protection, Force Rating, Toughened x2

Force Powers: Enhance (Control Resilience, Control Brawl, Control Brawn, Control Force Leap), Heal

Skills: Lightsaber 2, Charm 1, Cool 1, Discipline 1, Resilience 1, Vigilance 1, Athletics 1, Medicine 1

Equipment: Sunfire Sword (Basic Lightsaber), Padded Armor, Adamite Signet Ring

Fiana Solaris is a Paladin of the Adamite Tower, and is nearly as indestructible as that strange fortress. With the highest Soak among her companions (which can be increased even more with Force Protection) and the highest Wound Threshold, Fiana is difficult to stop. Parry and Reflect help her reduce damage before Soak even comes into the picture, and with Circle of Shelter she can extend these protective Talents to her nearby companions. Body Guard lends more strength to the Protector name, and even beyond preventing damage she is skilled at removing it with Medicine and Heal. There is also that fact that she is the bearer of a Paladin’s signature Sunfire Sword, and can use the Enhance power to become even stronger. Not even invaders from beyond the sky can withstand a Paladin’s blade. Finally, Fiana is a Paragon of the Light Side, influencing the Destiny Pool for the better of the entire group.

Karem Cinderspyre, Lannik Sentinel/Artisan

Bonus: +10 XP

Morality: 50 (Discipline  and Obstinance)

Motivation: Caste Member

Characteristics: Brawn 3, Agility 1, Intellect 4, Cunning 2,  Willpower 2, Presence 2

Force Rating: 2

Wound Threshold: 10

Strain Threshold: 15

Soak: 4

Defense: 3 Ranged/5 Melee

Abilities: Free Rank in Streetwise, Indomitable

Talents: Mental Tools, Fine Tuning, Solid Repairs x2, Grit, Inventor, Imbue Item, Force Rating

Force Powers: Move (Range x2, Control x2, Magnitude, Strength 2)

Skills: Streetwise 1, Deception 1, Perception 1, Skulduggery 1, Stealth 1, Knowledge (Education) 2, Mechanics 2, Melee 1

Equipment: Voss Warspear, Cortosis Shield, Armored Clothing, Backpack

Karem Cinderspyre, as a member of the Cendiary Priests, is capable of much more than simple repairs. Granted, with Fine Tuning and Solid Repairs he is quite skilled at fixing things. But thanks to Mental Tools he requires nothing but his own two hands and his inherent power to perform these repairs. He can cast that power into items that he creates as well, with Inventor helping with construction and Imbue Item allowing him to commit a Force die to grant attributes to an item. While he might use it merely for heavy lifting in his work as a Priest, Karem’s Move Power can also allow him to hurl objects at those who would attack him. Last but not least, while not as physically tough as Fiana nor as capable a warrior, Karem is decently skilled with his Voss Warspear, and his well-made gear makes him a surprisingly hard target to hit.

Himalia Camasau, Zabrak Mystic/Seer

Bonus: +10 XP

Morality: 50 (Pride and Arrogance)

Motivation: Force Reverent

Characteristics: Brawn 2, Agility 2, Intellect 2, Cunning 2,  Willpower 4, Presence 1

Force Rating: 3

Wound Threshold: 12

Strain Threshold: 15

Soak: 4

Defense: 1 Ranged/1 Melee

Abilities: Free Rank in Survival, Fearsome Countenance

Talents: Uncanny Reactions, Keen Eyed, Grit, Sense Advantage, The Force is My Ally, Natural Mystic, Force Rating x2

Force Powers: Foresee (Strength x2, Duration x2), Bind (Strength, Control, Range)

Skills: Survival 1, Coercion 1, Knowledge (Lore) 2, Perception 1, Vigilance 1, Discipline 2

Equipment: Armored Robes, Grimoire of Scylos the Lame, Wizard’s Pouch, 950 Coins

Himalia Camasau is a member of the arcane order of the Skyholme Astromancers, versed in their lore and magics and now wandering the world of Weik. Like most Astromancers, Himalia is gifted with the Foresee power, capable of peering into the future to discover details of what’s to come. This ability also makes itself known through Uncanny Reactions, Keen Eyed, and Sense Advantage; Himalia has a Force-given awareness of her surroundings, and is difficult to get the drop on. Beyond Foresee Himalia also possesses the Bind power, allowing her to seize and disorient her opponents with a thought and a murmured incantation. The Force is My Ally allows her to perform any Power as a maneuver once a session, while Natural Mystic allows her to re-roll a failed Power check. Perhaps most notably, Himalia has somehow acquired the Grimoire of Scylos the Lame, granting her an extra Force Die when dealing with the creatures detailed within at the risk of knowing more than any being should.

Captain Garik Morituri, Twi’Lek Seeker/Pathfinder

Bonus: +10

Morality: 50 (Curiosity and Obsession)

Motivation: Wide-Eyed Wanderer

Characteristics: Brawn 1, Agility 3, Intellect 2, Cunning 3,  Willpower 2, Presence 4

Force Rating: 2

Wound Threshold: 11

Strain Threshold: 14

Soak: 2

Defense: 1 Ranged/1 Melee

Abilities: Free Rank in Charm, Desert Dwellers

Talents: Grit, Keen Eyed, Animal Empathy, Animal Bond, Force Rating

Force Powers: Seek (Control Commit Vigilance/Perception, Magnitude x2,), Influence (Range, Magnitude, Control Coercion/Charm/Deception/Leadership)

Skills: Charm 1, Piloting (Planetary) 1, Ranged (Heavy) 1, Survival 2, Vigilance 1, Ranged (Light) 2, Knowledge (Xenology) 1, Resilience 1

Equipment: Heavy Blaster Pistol, Armored Clothing, Electrobinoculars, General Purpose Scanner, Wilderness Survival Kit, Backpack, Wizard Pouch, Extra Reload, 6575 Coins

Garik Morituri is a master of his fate and a master of the seas of Weik. No surprise, then, that his abilities all focus on finding his way and making nice with the locals. Seek allows him to track objects, persons, and locations of his choice, while the Control upgrade lets him commit a die to upgrade Vigilance and Perception checks. Influence allows him to alter the emotional states of those he uses it on, while its own Control upgrade allows him to add Force Dice to his Coercion, Charm, Deception, and Leadership checks. Like any proper sailor he has an animal companion to assist him. Beyond that, the wealth gathered as a merchant traveling from city-state to city-state has allowed him to acquire rare technological artifacts from Weik’s ancient past, including a light-thrower that marks him as someone of importance.

Our Weik-born Force-users are all built using the Knight Level rules, granting them more XP and resources than basic starting characters. When it comes to making pre-made, ready-to-play characters for Force and Destiny, I’ve found that Knight Level simply makes them easier to craft to an immediately useful state. I did fudge the resources part a bit, though. Fiana didn’t need to buy her signet ring, I judged, and as a Cendiary Priest Karem didn’t need and shouldn’t have much in the way of wealth. Garik has plenty of wealth left over as well; there are only so many things I could find that he could reasonably expect to acquire on Weik, even as a rich mover of goods with an eye for technological artifacts.

There’s also the fact that nobody on Weik has ever heard of ‘credits’, of course. Coins will have to do. In addition, our group lacks a normal ship; rather, I imagine that they move around in a sailing ship owned by Garik.

Only Karem’s species is not found within the Force and Destiny core rulebook. The Lannik can instead be found in Keeping the Peace, or Age of Rebellion’s Lead by Example. Other than that, a few items and their backgrounds can of course be found in Nexus of Power.

Who They Are

Fiana Solaris was always drawn to the Adamite Tower in Weik’s Ordan Spine Mountains. Decades ago the tower, having appeared after a shard of the very heavens fell to the earth, spewed forth an army in shining white bearing weapons that spat burning light. Only four heroes, carrying swords of sunfire, were able to slay the leader of the army and scatter the white-armored warriors. Raised on tales of these heroes, who founded the Paladins of the Adamite Tower after their victory, Fiana dreamed of becoming a Paladin. Her father did not approve, even when she began to display the magic so often associated with the Paladins, so the young girl ran away from the city of Voss and went to the tower herself. Becoming a Paladin was a long and arduous process, but eventually she earned the blade and ring of the order, and set out from the Tower to defend the helpless and strike down evil.

Karem Cinderspyre, like many of the Lanniks on Weik, was born and lived much of his life in the volcanic city of Fume. Built by the first settlers of Weik before their technology was forgotten, the city’s incedifiers still power many forges and smelters; it is thus perhaps unsurprising that the magic of the Cendiary Priests would find its home there. When Karem discovered he shared the abilities of the Priests, he was quick to join their ranks. Without the mending and building abilities of the Priests, after all, Fume (and no small part of the rest of Weik) could not survive. Rather than a calling, Karem saw his gifts as an obligation. Like some small percentage of the Priests, however, Karem eventually felt the obligation to share his gifts with the rest of his world. Taking the equipment he’d made himself  and little else he left Fume behind, to serve wherever and however he could.

Himalia Camasau is like many of her fellow Skyholme Astromancers: powerful, knowledgeable, and largely aloof from ‘normal’ people. She cannot remember a time when she was incapable of magic, and does not wish to, because there can be no greater gift than the ability to tap into arcane forces. This is why she travels the world, practicing her craft and meeting as many other practictioners as she can. Knowledge, even frightening knowledge, can be useful. Having come into possession of the ancient and dangerous Grimoire of Scylos the Lame, however, her life has become much more imperiled. The Lucites, a degenerate sect who delve into knowledge not just frightening but profane, would love nothing more than to take the Grimoire. Confident in her own abilities, Himalia now also wanders to take the fight to them, as any sane Astromancer would.

Captain Garik Morituri has never been satisfied with the horizon, because it dares to hide things from him. Born in the city of Voss, Garik spent his childhood at the docks, watching the ships come and go. When he came of age, life found him as a sailor on the deck of one of those ships. Through his skill, charm, and no small amount of magic (that he refers to as his Luck), Garik soon found himself the Captain of his own vessel. The Duros and their guilds don’t necessarily approve, but Garik has always felt that they could do with a little more competition on the open seas. He’s turned a tidy profit (not all of it legal), but in truth all of that remains secondary. Garik still looks at the horizon with desire no matter where he is, and from time to time he looks to the stars; he probably won’t be truly satisfied until he has seen things no other Weikan has seen.

How They Interact

Fiana greatly respects Karem and the rest of the Cendiary Priests. The order’s devotion to providing much needed help without asking for anything but the means to survive is a noble thing. She also acknowledges Karem himself as a respectable warrior who doesn’t rush into a fight. Himalia is much too prideful about her magic for Fiana’s tastes, although the Paladin acknowledges that the Astromancer is quite powerful. Seeing as how the Lucites are exactly the kind of threat the Paladins exist to destroy, however, Fiana does find Himalia a staunch ally against them. Garik is a smooth-talker, and a selfish one at that as far as Fiana is concerned. But underneath all the charm and coin there’s that love of wandering, and getting to travel the world is one of Fiana’s private joys about being a Paladin. So long as he doesn’t step too far out of line, he makes a decent enough traveling companion.

Karem sees Fiana and the other Paladins of the Adamite Tower as the other side of the coin from the Cendiary Priests; the Priests help maintain the people’s way of life, while the Paladins help defend it from outside threats. Fiana herself, while much younger than Karem, is a genuinely good person and a noble warrior whom the Lannik is glad to call a friend. Himalia’s great knowledge of magic actually intrigues Karem greatly, as her gifts are so wildly different from his own. He likes to engage her in discussions on the nature of magic and how different groups of magic users have come up with different applications. Garik is a strange case to Karem; the Duros of Weik are largely acknowledged as the superior navigators, and that species dominates the shipping guilds of the planet. Garik is, in a way, stepping outside of the bounds of his place in the world, but the Twi’Lek’s magic is just as intriguing as Himalia’s.

Himalia respects the Paladins, but with the Astromancers being such a loosely organized group she doesn’t quite understand how the Paladins can function with such strict rules. Granted, throwing the rules out the window is how you get Lucites, so Himalia is willing to side with a tight-laced Paladin against those dark wizards. It helps that Fiana is nice enough, in her own strict way. Karem is even stranger than the Paladins; the idea of getting nothing but a roof and some food in exchange for her services is repugnant to Himalia. The Lannik is a strong individual, however, and an interesting intellectual conversationalist, a pleasant surprise. Garik is a scoundrel, but an entertaining one. Useful, too, as the pair of them often compare notes, she reading the future in the stars and he questing his senses to find things in the now.

Garik views all the others, first and foremost, as passengers. It’s his ship they all travel on, after all. He grants them passage free of charge, though, for several reasons. First, they’re all useful to have along in their own ways. Second, they’re all so interesting. Fiana is fun to needle a bit now and again, and challenging to sneak around when doing things that might irritate the local guards and customs officers, but she’s also a genuinely nice girl and great to have in a fight. Karem is a blessing to have on the ship, and even if the Priest wasn’t such a great help seeing the diminutive Lannik hurling things with his magic is always hilarious. Himalia’s magic, particularly the future-seeing trademark of an Astromancer, can give Garik a distinct edge. Personally, she plays along with his flirting and trading of verbal barbs, which is always guaranteed to make Garik like someone.

The Future

Our wandering Force-users on the planet Weik have all sorts of adventures they can get into on their strange and remote planet. What sort of evil will Fiana strike down? What tests will Karem face as he attempts to help others? What magic will Himalia unleash, and how will she face the Lucites who pursue her? What kind of new mysteries and discoveries will Garik find?

And perhaps most interestingly, will a ship from beyond the sky come to Weik, letting our adventurers free into a wider galaxy?

That’s for you (and your dice) to determine!

Originally posted 5/13/16 on the Mad Adventurers Society!

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