Meet the Mystic Party

An acolyte who peers into the hearts of enemy and ally alike, to motivate and discourage as victory requires. An investigator who always gets the information they need, even if the suspect doesn’t talk. A soldier who wades into combat unarmored, their sheer willpower shrugging off death blows easier than a breeze. A wanderer who can see the easy path, even it’s not precisely direct. An assassin whose blades leave no mark on the target’s body, but instead burn out their mind. A master of the elements and the forces of the natural world, commanding them with but a thought. There are a lot more Mystics running around D&D 5th Edition now, so we might as well Meet the Party and see what they can do!

With the third Unearthed Arcana release for the psionic Mystic class, we’ve got more than double the amount of content to work with. First, Levels 11-20 have been added to the class. There are also four new builds, bringing the total to 6: Avatar, Awakened, Immortal, Nomad, Soul Knife, and Wu Jen. As I mentioned while examining the class last Friday, there’s the potential for a wide variety of different Mystics with all of this, so why not make one of each? As the final build option is gained at Level 14, that’s the level of this particular party, so let’s focus our minds and see what the different Mystics look like.

Himo Holimion, High Elf– Level 14 Avatar Mystic

HP: 100 AC: 18

Str: 10 Con: 14 Dex: 18 Int: 18 Wis: 8 Cha: 13

Racial/Class/Background Features: Darkvision, Keen Senses, Fey Ancestry, Trance, Elf Weapon Training, Cantrip, Extra Language, Psionics, Mystic Order: Avatar, Bonus Disciplines, Armor Training, Mystical Recovery, Telepathy, Avatar of Battle, Strength of Mind, Avatar of Healing, Potent Psionics (2d8), Consumptive Power, Psionic Mastery (2/day), Avatar of Speed, Background: Acolyte, Two Extra Languages, Shelter of the Faithful

Mystic Quirk: Refuses to wear the color red.

Gear: Shortsword, Scale Mail, Shield, Explorer’s Pack, 69 GP 5 SP

Skill Proficiencies: Perception, Arcana, History, Insight, Religion

Tool Proficiencies: N/A

Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom

Talents: Psychic Hammer, Mind Meld, Mystic Charm

Disciplines: Psionic Restoration, Crown of Disgust, Crown of Rage, Mantle of Command, Mantle of Courage, Mantle of Fear, Mantle of Fury, Mantle of Joy

Himo Holimion is recognizable to any 4th Edition veteran as the ardent reborn, a psionic ‘leader’ who boosts his allies and hampers his enemies. His ‘Avatar of X’ build features each provide some sort of bonus to allies, whether that’s extra healing, a boost to initiative, or increased mobility. His various Mantle and Crown Disciplines, on the other hand, are much more drastic. He can deal damage, force movement, or otherwise severely hamper opponents, while also granting his allies things like extra attacks, boosted saving throws, and increased damage. Psionic Restoration, paired with Avatar of Healing, makes him the best healer in the group, and the Avatar’s armor proficiencies usually make him the toughest target in the group.

Damakos, Tiefling– Level 14 Awakened Mystic

HP: 101 AC: 14

Str: 8 Con: 14 Dex: 15 Int: 20 Wis: 10 Cha: 14

Racial/Class/Background Features: Darkvision, Hellish Resistance, Infernal Legacy, Psionics, Mystic Order: Awakened, Bonus Disciplines, Awakened Talent (Investigation, Deception), Mystical Recovery, Telepathy, Psionic Investigation, Strength of Mind, Psionic Surge, Potent Psionics (2d8), Consumptive Power, Psionic Mastery (2/day), Spectral Form, Background: Guild Artisan, Extra Lanugage, Guild Membership

Mystic Quirk: Never consumes alcohol.

Gear: Spear, Studded Leather Armor, Dagger, Scholar’s Pack, Calligrapher’s Supplies, Letter of Introduction, Travler’s Clothes, Belt Pouch with 15 GP

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Perception, Investigation, Deception, Insight, Persuasion

Tool Proficiencies: Calligrapher’s Supplies

Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom

Talents: Mystic Charm, Delusion, Mind Thrust

Disciplines:  Aura Sight, Intellect Fortress, Mantle of Awe, Precognition, Psychic Assault, Psychic Disruption, Psychic Inquisition, Psychic Phantoms

Damakos is a premier investigator, the best the group has at ferreting out secrets both from objects and persons. He also takes the Mystic’s general ‘kill you with my brain’ powers to the expected conclusion. Things like Psionic Investigation, his generally high Investigation skill, Aura Sight, and Psychic Inquisition make him uncannily adept at gathering information. He’s not just useful outside of a fight, though. Features like Psionic Surge and Potent Psionics combine with Talents and Disciplines like Psychic Assault to deliver the most potent purely-psychic attacks the party has at their disposal, as well as disruptive abilities like Psychic Phantoms and, well, Psychic Disruption.

Mardred Balderk, Mountain Dwarf– Level 14 Immortal Mystic

HP: 142 AC: 17

Str: 18 Con: 18 Dex: 16 Int: 12 Wis: 10 Cha: 8

Racial/Class/Background Features: Darkvision, Dwarven Resilience, Dwarven Combat Training, Stonecunning, Dwarven Armor Training, Psionics, Mystic Order: Immortal, Bonus Disciplines, Immortal Durability, Mystical Recovery, Telepathy, Psionic Resilience, Strength of Mind, Surge of Health, Potent Psionics (2d8), Consumptive Power, Psionic Mastery (2/day), Immortal Will, Background: Soldier, Military Rank

Mystic Quirk: Writes down the name of every creature they slay, and names the unnamed ones.

Gear: Warhammer, Handaxe x2, Dungeoneer’s Pack, Smith’s Tools, 33 GP

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, History, Athletics, Intimidation

Tool Proficiencies: Smith’s Tools, Cards, Vehicles (Land)

Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom

Talents: Beacon, Mind Meld, Blade Meld

Disciplines:  Iron Durability, Psionic Weapon, Celerity, Brute Force, Giant Growth, Adaptive Body, Psionic Restoration, Bestial Form

Mardred Balderk is a living tank who has convinced herself through sheer willpower to be nigh unkillable and a devastating combatant. Immortal Durability gives her extra HP and lets her add CON to her AC, Psionic Resilience grants temp HP, Surge of Health can resist incoming damage, and Immortal Will heals her at the brink of death. That’s before the Disciplines even get involved; using Iron Durability and Adaptive Body don’t exactly make her squishier. Psionic Weapon and Potent Psionics get the ball rolling on dealing damage with her warhammer, with further and various boosts thanks to Celerity, Brute Force, Giant Growth, and Bestial Form (along with a few utility uses, like flight). Psionic Restoration will further help Mardred keep herself (or her allies) in the fight.

Zanna Nackle, Forest Gnome– Level 14 Nomad Mystic

HP: 87 AC: 16

Str: 12 Con: 13 Dex: 18 Int: 20 Wis: 10 Cha: 8

Racial/Class/Background Features: Darkvision, Gnome Cunning, Natural Illusionist, Speak with Small Beasts, Psionics, Mystic Order: Nomad, Bonus Disciplines, Breadth of Knowledge, Mystical Recovery, Telepathy, Memory of One Thousand Steps, Strength of Mind, Superior Teleportation, Potent Psionics (2d8), Consumptive Power, Psionic Mastery (2/day), Effortless Journey, Background: Outlander, Extra Language, Wanderer

Mystic Quirk: Spends money they earn within 1 week of gaining it.

Gear: Studded Leather Armor, Shortbow with 20 Arrows, Explorer’s Pack, Dagger, Lute, 42 GP

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception, Athletics, Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Lute

Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom

Talents: Blind Spot, Light Step, Mind Slam

Disciplines:  Nomadic Arrow, Nomadic Chameleon, Nomadic Mind, Nomadic Step, Third Eye, Aura Sight, Diminution, Bestial Form

Zanna Nackle brings unmatched mobility to the party, thanks to the features and Disciplines of the Nomad Order. Nomadic Step, Effortless Journey, and Superior Teleportation all combine to make a gnome who will be blinking from place to place to confound her enemies. Memory of One Thousand Steps even lets her teleport to avoid an attack! Zanna is also quite capable of looking out ahead of the party, thanks to Aura Sight, Nomadic Mind, and Third Eye. Nomadic Arrow will make her shortbow shots devilishly hard to avoid, to the point that the arrows will even follow their targets! Finally, she can be quite hard to find, between Light Step, Nomadic Chameleon, and Diminution.

Seraphina Underbough, Stout Halfling– Level 14 Soul Knife Mystic

HP: 114 AC: 16

Str: 10 Con: 16 Dex: 19 Int: 16 Wis: 8 Cha: 12

Racial/Class/Background Features: Lucky, Brave, Halfling Nimbleness, Stout Resilience, Psionics, Mystic Order: Soul Knife, Martial Training, Soul Knife, Mystical Recovery, Telepathy, Hone the Blade, Strength of Mind, Consumptive Knife, Potent Psionics (2d8), Consumptive Power, Psionic Mastery (2/day), Phantom Knife, Background: Criminal, Criminal Contact

Mystic Quirk: Never says their name.

Gear: Studded Leather Armor, Thieves’ Tools, Dungeoneer’s Pack, 18 GP

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception, Deception, Stealth

Tool Proficiencies: Cards, Thieves’ Tools

Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom

Talents: Light Step, Blind Spot, Mind Thrust

Disciplines: Brute Force, Celerity, Psionic Restoration, Iron Durability, Intellect Fortress, Nomadic Chameleon

Seraphina Underbough, as a Soul Knife Mystic, gives up some extra Disciplines in order to become the deadliest melee combatant in the party. Her Soul Knife provides her with a pair of deadly psychic blades, which she can also use to increase her AC. Hone the Blade can greatly increase both the attack and damage rolls of the Soul Knife, Phantom Blade makes the hardest targets easy hits, and Consumptive Blade keeps the psi points coming with every one of Seraphina’s victims. Seraphina benefits greatly from Potent Psionics, and she only becomes more dangerous when tapping into Disciplines like Celerity and Brute Force.

Lian Wan, Human – Level 14 Wu Jen Mystic

HP: 114 AC: 15

Str: 9 Con: 16 Dex: 16 Int: 19 Wis: 13 Cha: 11

Racial/Class/Background Features: Psionics, Mystic Order: Wu Jen, Bonus Disciplines, Hermit’s Study (Insight, Perception), Mystical Recovery, Telepathy, Elemental Attunement, Strength of Mind, Arcane Dabbler, Potent Psionics (2d8), Consumptive Power, Psionic Mastery (2/day), Elemental Mastery, Background: Hermit, Extra Language, Discovery

Mystic Quirk: Picks a new name each day.

Gear: Spear, Studded Leather Armor, Dagger, Scholar’s Pack, Scroll Case, Winter Blanket, Common Clothes, Herbalism Kit, 5 GP

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, History, Insight, Perception, Medicine, Religion

Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism Kit

Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom

Talents: Mystic Hand, Beacon, Energy Beam

Disciplines:  Mastery of Air, Mastery of Fire, Mastery of Force, Mastery of Ice, Mastery of Light and Darkness, Mastery of Water, Mastery of Weather, Mastery of Wood and Earth

Spells: Shield, Blur, Counterspell

Lian Wan has perhaps one of the most diverse set of Disciplines on the Mystic lineup, having attained every Wu Jen Discipline at this point. The sheer number of different damage types he can deal out, the resistances he can assume, and the utility applications he has access to are almost staggering. It’s also very interesting to note that many Mastery disciplines have a summoning application, adding an ally to the the field (fire elemental for Fire, shadows for Light and Darkness, etc). Elemental Attunement lets him punch through resistances, while Elemental Mastery can turn his own resistances into immunities. Finally, Arcane Dabbler grants him limited access to Wizard spells; the ones chosen above were an effort to provide things that the Disciplines could not.

Important note: for several of the Mystics above, I used the ‘roll for gold, then spend it’ option presented in the UA article. Where this was done it was to better complement the abilities and proficiencies of a given character.

Having built six Mystics, I can affirm without a doubt that it will be very difficult for any two players to feel like they are playing Mystics that are too similar to one another. There is, however, a fair amount of bookkeeping involved between all the varied disciplines and their myriad applications. I don’t know if I’d risk recommending the Mystic as a class for a complete newcomer to the game and its rules, but then again players are always surprising me.

So, what does the future hold for the Mystic? The survey for the article is already up, so take some (or all) of these Mystics out for a spin, see how they work in the field, and then let’s be about shaping the future of the Mystic and D&D 5th Edition!

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