Meet the Party: Star Wars Uprising

A Rebel Commander, cut off from the rest of the Alliance after the Battle of Hoth and forced to lead the local rebellion on her own. A ‘merchant’ in good standing with the Trade Spine League, facing the end of his livelihood because of an Imperial blockade. A member of the deposed nobles of the Anoat Sector, trying to regain influence and power however she can. A solitary student of the Force, come out of hiding to turn the tide against evil. Meet the Party is returning to Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPGs, but by no means are these starter characters. They’re going to need a lot of experience points, skills, and talents if they’re going to take on the Empire and lead an Uprising!

A while back I put a poll out on Twitter, trying to gauge what people wanted to see in new Meet the Party articles. Savage Worlds won that round, but one of the suggestions that wasn’t even included in the poll choices was for a high XP FFG Star Wars party. While there have been quite a few parties put together for the system, the highest I’d ever built them was Knight Level Play, which grants characters an additional 150 XP. There’s always been a bit of wishy-washiness in the community about the name, though, as what you really get is more of a seasoned Padawan. The proposal was that Meet the Party try and build characters with 1500 XP or more. Challenge accepted and exceeded, as I decided to use 2000 XP (not including whatever they get from their Species)!

Of course, for such experienced characters the tale of a team just starting out doing low level jobs/missions/quests wouldn’t do. The suggestion included the idea that each character had been fighting the Empire in their own way, and had come together to increase their mutual chances, likely bringing resources/underlings/organizations to the table. This almost immediately gave me the idea to take a page out of the Dice for Brains playbook and feature the Uprising of the Anoat Sector! If you haven’t listened to Dice for Brains, do so, you won’t regret it, but the setting for the original Kido Trilogy was based on the short-lived mobile game Star Wars: Uprising. It was set in the Anoat Sector, home to Hoth and Bespin, from which the Rebel Alliance has been largely driven out except for a few stubborn idealists and unlucky stragglers. After the Battle of Endor the local Moff has attempted to seal the sector off from the rest of the galaxy with the so-called Iron Blockade. As the life is choked from the sector and rumors of the Emperor’s death start to swirl about an unlikely Uprising comes together to oppose the Moff and break the Blockade, consisting of criminals, stray Rebels, opportunistic merchants, and deposed nobles. Even the light of the Jedi begins to burn again, if carefully. So let’s Meet the Uprising and fight to hasten the end of the Empire!

Taia Broxin, Human Commander


Morality: 50 (Bravery and Anger)

Motivation: Subordinates

Characteristics: Brawn 2, Agility 4, Intellect 5, Cunning 2,  Willpower 2, Presence 4

Wound Threshold: 22

Strain Threshold: 19

Soak: 5

Defense: 0 Ranged/0 Melee

Abilities: Free Rank in Survival, Free Rank in Stealth


Tactician:  Outdoorsman x2, Natural Outdoorsman, Commanding Presence x2, Confidence x2, Toughened x2, Side Step x2, Swift, Quick Draw, Body Guard x2, Field Commander, Improved Field Commander, Natural Leader, Coordinated Assault, Dedication (Presence)

Strategist: Researcher x2, Grit x3, Ready for Anything x2, Clever Commander, Command x2, Well Read (Underworld, Outer Rim, Lore), Knowledge Specialization (Warfare) x2, Master Strategist, Improved Researcher, Coordinated Assault, Thorough Assessment, Careful Planning, Improved Ready for Anything, Dedication (Intellect)

Saboteur: Resolve x2, Second Wind x2, Grit x2, Rapid Recovery x2, Toughened x2, Powerful Blast x2, Time to Go, Hard Headed, Improved Time to Go, Selective Detonation x2, Improved Hard Headed, Master Grenadier, Dedication (Agility)

Medic: Forager, Stimpack Specialization x3, Grit x2, Surgeon x2, Toughened, Bacta Specialist, Well-Rounded (Deception, Charm), Stim Application, Master Doctor, Dodge, Natural Doctor, Improved Stim Application, Anatomy Lesson, It’s Not That Bad, Supreme Stim Application, Dedication (Intellect)

Signature Ability: Unmatched Authority (Duration x2, Firm Resolve, Mass Combat, Destiny, Endurance, Increase Effect x2)

Skills: Survival 2, Stealth 4, Cool 2, Discipline 2, Knowledge (Warfare) 5, Leadership 4, Ranged (Heavy) 4, Vigilance 2, Perception 2, Coercion 3, Ranged (Light) 3, Computers 3, Knowledge (Xenology) 2, Medicine 4, Mechanics 4, Skulduggery 3, Coordination 2, Charm 2, Deception 2, Knowledge (Lore) 2, Knowledge (Underworld) 2, Knowledge (Outer Rim) 2, Resilience 2, Pilot (Planetary) 1

Equipment: Light Repeating Blaster (Weapon Harness [+1 Rank of Brace], Augmented Spin Barrel [+2 Damage, +1 Accurate, +1 Pierce]), Laminate Armor (Superior, Optical Camouflage System [+1 Stealth, +1 Rank Master of Shadows], Backpack, Load-Bearing Gear, Utility Belt, Medpac, Stimpack x2, Comlink (Handheld), Comlink (Long Range), Frag Grenade, Armor-Piercing Grenade

Taia Broxin is an experienced leader of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, capable of commanding on multiple levels and equally skilled at fighting on the front lines. Tactician makes her capable at leading squads and keeping them alive, while Strategist lets her take command of the bigger picture and become a master of Mass Combat. While quite skilled at combat herself, Saboteur takes it to another level, allowing Taia to lay waste to the Imperial war machine wherever she can find it. Finally, being a Medic allows the Commander to keep her troops and allies alive and in the fight; even Critical Injuries can be avoided with a single Medicine check. And last but certainly not least her Unmatched Authority allows her to downgrade or reduce the difficulty of an ally’s skill checks, and even make Mass Combat checks easier.

Kynan Ka’hane, Bothan Smuggler


Morality: 50 (Independence and Coldness)

Motivation: Credits

Characteristics: Brawn 1, Agility 5, Intellect 2, Cunning 6,  Willpower 2, Presence 3

Wound Threshold: 19

Strain Threshold: 19

Soak: 2

Defense: 1 Ranged/1 Melee

Abilities: Free Rank in Streetwise, Free Rank in Convincing Demeanor


Scoundrel: Black Market Contacts x3, Convincing Demeanor x3, Quick Draw, Rapid Reaction, Quick Strike x2, Hidden Storage x2, Toughened x2, Side Step x2, Rapid Reaction, Natural Charmer, Soft Spot, Dedication (Cunning)

Pilot: Full Throttle, Skilled Jockey x2, Galaxy Mapper x2, Let’s Ride, Dead to Rights, Rapid Recovery, Improved Full Throttle, Improved Dead to Rights, Grit x2, Natural Pilot, Supreme Full Throttle, Tricky Target, Defense Driving, Master Pilot, Toughened, Brilliant Evasion, Dedication (Agility)

Gunslinger: Grit x2, Quick Strike x2, Rapid Reaction x2, Lethal Blows x2, Improved Quick Draw, Toughened, Call ‘Em, Dodge, Sorry About The Mess, Confidence, Guns Blazing, Spitfire, Natural Marksman, Deadly Accuracy, Dedication (Agility)

Gambler: Convincing Demeanor x2, Grit x2, Toughened, Up the Ante x3, Second Chances x3, Clever Solution, Fortune Favors the Bold, Double or Nothing, Smooth Talker (Deception), Natural Negotiator, Improved Double or Nothing, Natural Rogue, Supreme Double or Nothing, Dedication (Cunning)

Signature Ability: Unmatched Fortune (Frequency x2, Increase Number x2, Shared Luck, Increase Effect, Increase Range, Destiny)

Skills: Streetwise 4, Deception 5, Knowledge (Underworld) 5, Vigilance 4, Ranged (Light) 4, Coordination 1, Perception 3, Piloting (Space) 5, Skulduggery 2, Charm 3, Cool 3, Astrogation 3, Gunnery 4, Piloting (Planetary) 3, Coercion 3, Knowledge (Outer Rim) 2

Equipment: Nova Viper Blaster Pistols x2 (Superior, Paired), Smuggler’s Trenchoat, Appraiser’s Eye, False Credentials, Sabacc Deck, Skifter, Chance Cubes, Comlink (Handheld), Utility Belt

Kynan Ka’hane is a smuggler’s smuggler who lives his life with a roll of the dice and on the edge of a card up his sleeve. As a Scoundrel he’s a captain of the Anoat Sector’s criminal element, able to lie, cheat, and wheel and deal his way through danger. He’s also a more than capable Pilot in the atmosphere or out in space, able to drive and fly circles around his opponents. When the lies don’t work and the getaway isn’t fast enough his abilities as a Gunslinger make sure that, even outnumbered, Kynan is the one to walk away from a shootout. He wouldn’t be Kynan Ka’hane without being a consumate Gambler, letting him take bigger risks for phenomenal rewards. It should thus not be too surprising to see his Unmatched Fortune literally changing the results of the dice in Kynan’s favor.

Jicelli Asichi, Pantoran Colonist

Politico/Martial Artist/Charmer/Slicer

Morality: 50 (Pride and Arrogance)

Motivation: Society

Characteristics: Brawn 4, Agility 2, Intellect 4 , Cunning 2,  Willpower 3, Presence 5

Wound Threshold: 19

Strain Threshold: 24

Soak: 6

Defense: 1 Ranged/1 Melee

Abilities: Free Rank in Cool, Tundra Dwellers


Politico: Kill With Kindness x2, Grit x2, Plausible Deniability x2, Toughened, Inspiring Rhetoric, Improved Inspiring Rhetoric, Supreme Inspiring Rhetoric, Scathing Tirade, Improved Scathing Tirade, Supreme Scathing Tirade, Well Rounded (Vigilance, Piloting (Space)), Dodge, Nobody’s Fool, Steely Nerves, Intense Presence, Natural Charmer, Dedication (Presence)

Martial Artist: Iron Body x2, Grit x3, Parry x2, Precision Strike, Toughened x2, Martial Grace, Unarmed Parry, Grapple, Improved Precision Strike, Overbalance, Mind over Matter, Coordination Dodge, Supreme Precision Strike, Natural Brawler, Dedication (Brawn)

Charmer: Smooth Talker (Charm) x2, Kill With Kindness x2, Grit x2, Congenial x2, Plausible Deniability, Disarming Smile x2, Works Like A Charm, Intense Presence, Just Kidding!, Resolve, Don’t Shoot!, Natural Charmer, Dedication (Intellect)

Slicer: Codebreaker x2, Grit x3, Technical Aptitude x2, Bypass Security x3, Defensive Slicing x3, Natural Programmer, Improved Defensive Slicing, Resolve, Skilled Slicer, Master Slicer, Codebreaker, Dedication (Intellect)

Signature Ability: Unmatched Expertise (Reduce Setback x2, Activation x2, Reduce Difficulty x2, Superior Reduction, Destiny)

Skills: Cool 3, Charm 5, Deception 2, Leadership 2, Negotiation 3, Coercion 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 5, Coordination 2, Discipline 2, Computers 5, Knowledge (Education) 5, Knowledge (Underworld) 1, Stealth 2, Vigilance 3, Piloting (Space) 2

Equipment: Refined Cortosis Gauntlets (Superior, Stun Pulse [+3 Stun] ), Armored Clothing (Superior), Noble Regalia, Datapad, Utility Belt,  Slicer Gear, Comlink (Handheld)

Jicelli Asichi, to use an analogy in common use among the Noble Court of the Anoat Sector, is a durasteel gauntlet covered in a silk glove. She is disarmingly charming and capable on the social stage thanks to the Talents and Skills granted to her by the Politico and Charmer specializations. However, when social skills fail her or she decides to not use them, she is a dangerous Martial Artist capable of turning aside blades with her bare hands and dealing precise Critical Injuries almost at will. She is still more than a pretty face or a well-aimed punch, however; a member of the exiled Noble Court does not survive without guile, and so she is a capable Slicer skilled at both breaking past the digital security of others and maintaining her own. Finally her Unmatched Expertise allows her to decrease the difficulty of Career Skills, and even some non-Career ones, allowing her the best chances of success when she needs it most.

Manako, Toydarian Consular

Ascetic/Niman Disciple/Sentry

Morality: 71 (Discipline and Intolerance)

Motivation: Allies

Characteristics: Brawn 2, Agility 2, Intellect 2, Cunning 3,  Willpower 6, Presence 3

Force Rating: 4

Wound Threshold: 15

Strain Threshold: 24

Soak: 3

Defense: 0 Ranged/2 Melee

Abilities: Silhouette 0, Hoverer


Ascetic: Physical Training x2, Confidence x2, Grit x5, Force Protection x2, Go Without, Meditative Trance, Slippery Minded, Intense Focus, Mind Bleed, Iron Soul, Empty Soul, Force Rating, Dedication (Willpower)

Niman Disciple: Parry x3, Nobody’s Fool, Reflect x3, Grit, Defensive Training x2, Niman Technique, Toughened, Sense Emotions, Sum Djem, Draw Closer, Center of Being, Improved Center of Being, Force Assault, Force Rating, Dedication (Willpower)

Sentry: Toughened, Reflect x2, Grit x2, Conditioned, Uncanny Reactions x2, Sleight of Mind x2, Saber Throw, Improved Saber Throw, Impossible Fall, Dodge x2, Fear the Shadows, Constant Vigilance, Improved Reflect, Force Rating, Dedication (Agility)

Force Powers

Foresee: Control x3, Magnitude 2, Range x3, Strength x2, Duration x2

Seek: Magnitude x4, Control x3, Strength x2, Duration, Mastery

Sense: Control x3, Duration, Range x3, Magnitude x3, Strength

Move: Magnitude x4, Strength x4, Range x3, Control x3

Signature Ability: Unmatched Negotiation (Duration x3, Increase Effect, Destiny, Remove Setback, Increase Range, Add Triumph)

Skills: Cool 4, Discipline 4, Knowledge (Lore) 4, Negotiation 4, Vigilance 3, Lightsaber 4, Resilience 2, Deception 3, Knowledge (Education) 3, Athletics 2, Leadership 2, Coordination 2, Stealth 4

Equipment: Basic Lightsaber (Solari Crystal [+1 Damage/+1 Defensive/+Reduced Improved Reflect Cost], Superior Hilt Personalization, Hilt Masking Kit [+2 Failure to Find/Identify]), Concealing Robes

Manako is a master of the Force who hasn’t neglected his lightsaber training nor reneged on his responsibilities to watch over others. Going without much in the way of material possessions as an Ascetic has granted him confidence in his abilities, an easier grasp of the Force, and knowledge of some rare (and some dangerous) mental techniques. Studying as a Niman Disciple has let him apply his discipline and willpower to the use of a lightsaber. Taking up watch as a Sentry furthers his mastery of the lightsaber and makes him something that even the shadows fear. Manako has fully mastered the Force powers of Foresee, Seek, Sense, and Move. Finally, his Unmatched Negotiation allows him to avoid any chance of Despair when bringing his allies together.

A few design notes. When I was building the characters I followed a pattern of Spend Species’ XP on Characteristics -> Buy and Complete Specializations -> Buy Skill Ranks/Signature Abilities. This did create the odd situation of characters having 3+ completed Specialization trees but no skill ranks beyond what they’d gotten at the start, but it made most of the skills they ended up buying cheaper. It also saved the headache of skills becoming career skills after they’d gained a few ranks, and now having to track their xp expenditures differently. Basically they work best if they start off at this level; if you were to start them as basic characters and try to build up to them during play, you’d either have a somewhat strange path to get there or it would cost more XP to reach where they are now. As for gear, I gave them cool stuff. That’s it, that’s the only criteria.

For a while I was going to use Duty as the unifying mechanic for the party, but after a bit more thought I settled on Morality. Each of the characters is, in their own way, at least a representative and quite possibly the leader of their own faction within the Uprising. There are few if any beings above them to be considering their actions when it comes to Duty and Contribution. Obligation didn’t seem quite the right fit either, since everyone is naturally going to have plenty of problems already. Morality thus seemed the best roleplaying tool for the Uprising. Taia, Kynan, and Jicelli all took the 10 bonus XP option, while Manako obviously became a Light Side Paragon.

The books involved are all three core books, along with Fly Casual, No Disintegrations, Far Horizons, Lead by Example, Disciples of Harmony, and Endless Vigil, with Jicelli grabbing her Noble Regalia from Desperate Allies.

Who They Are

Taia Broxin is still not entirely sure if she and her troops were fortunate or unfortunate to not be on Hoth when it fell. On the one hand, they almost certainly avoided suffering casualties. On the other, it left them stranded in the Anoat Sector as it came almost entirely under Imperial power. Taia made keeping her troops (and thus the Rebellion in Anoat) alive her highest priority since then, but has also managed to lead several strikes against the Empire across the Sector. With Moff Adelhard creating the Iron Blockade and truly isolating Anoat from the rest of the galaxy, Taia reluctantly began reaching out to other elements in the Sector for assistance. If certain rumors are true, then this might be the perfect time to hit the Empire as hard as she can, and Taia wouldn’t dare miss such an opportunity.

Kynan Ka’hane has been running cargo, legit or otherwise, up and down the Corellian Trade Spine and the Ison Trade Corridor for almost his entire life. He’s got a ship and a crew of his own, and prefers to pick and choose jobs as he pleases, but he’s also a practical sort, so he made sure to gain influence in the Trade Spine League. His crew were loading up a cargo of chromium that ‘fell off the back of the speeder’ on Burnin Konn when the Iron Blockade went up, effectively trapping them in the Sector. The ‘merchant’ life is all about independence and profits as far as Kynan is concerned, so when the rest of the League started making noise about breaking the Blockade and resisting the Empire he actually listened. Hey, normally it wouldn’t be any of his business, but all of his usual buyers are on the other side of all those Star Destroyers.

Jicelli Asichi is like many members of the deposed, exiled, and hunted Noble Court of the Anoat Sector: proud, desperate, and deeply concerned about what the Empire has done to her people. Since the Empire took over the Anoat Sector and dethroned the local nobles they’ve done what they can to keep themselves alive and care for their former subjects from the shadows. As result Jicelli, one of the younger members of the Court, has mastered skills both typical and atypical of the life of a noble. Anything, she believes, to restore the rightful way of things in the Sector. This now carries over into the Court’s burgeoning alliances with other groups trapped behind the Iron Blockade. Rebels, criminals, and . . . others might not be the type of people a young noble is expected to work with, but against Moff Adelhard and Commander Bragh any ally will do.

Manako has long since devoted his life to a deeper understanding of himself and the Force, wandering the galaxy and evading Imperial attention. For several years he lived in seclusion on the planet Tokmia, meditating and communing with the crystal formations left behind by mining efforts years before. Eventually, however, the Force allowed him to see a glimpse of his destiny. Manako left Tokmia with a newly built lightsaber in hand, determined to help mend the wounds of the galaxy by uniting those who suffered, as his vision depicted him doing. It hasn’t been an easy road since then as the Toydarian has moved from planet to planet, hunted by Purge Troopers and worse whenever he revealed himself, but he has always felt that his path has been assured. The Force is with him, and he feels that he stands at a pivotal moment that may shape the entire Sector and even the galaxy beyond it.

How They Interact

Taia trusts Ka’hane up to a point, and that point is where there is no longer a profit for the Bothan smuggler. Past that she doesn’t expect him to be an actual threat, but she doesn’t expect him to stick around either, and to a certain extent she projects that expectation of abandonment onto the rest of the Trade Spine League. It’s definitely not the first time an Alliance officer has had to work with the criminal element, however, and she values the contacts and skills Ka’hane can provide. Asichi represents a problem that Taia isn’t quite used to dealing with personally: politics. The noblewoman is friendly and eager to help, and puts in a good word with the Noble Court, but Taia does worry that she’s exceeding her own authority in working with Asichi. Who knows what the greater Alliance will think of empowering the Court? Manako is an out-of-context addition to the nascent Uprising, and one that often baffles the straightforward Commander. The Toydarian is quite level-headed, however, and Taia often goes to him for advice on dealing with the disparate Uprising factions.

Kynan respects Taia, if only because the Rebel never seems to care about the odds stacked against her and her troops; she either powers through or pulls a fast one, and he likes that about her. She’s a little on the idealistic side for his tastes, but he supposes a ragtag bunch like the Uprising needs some of that to hold it together. Jicelli’s a potential future client if this all works out (a consideration Kynan is always weighing in social interactions), and great to have around to lend his operations a veneer of respectability. He does her a few extra favors so she remembers who helped her when the Court regains power, but also genuinely enjoys watching her flip stormtroopers head-over-heels. Manako is a funny little creature, and a great surprise for anybody giving the Uprising trouble. Kynan’s trying to come up with some sort of scheme to convince the Force Sensitive to stay on his ship after the Blockade is broken for good, because he can’t imagine giving up the advantages Manako provides.

Jicelli sees Taia as a fellow idealist and freedom fighter; those ideals might not exactly be the same, but the Anoat Sector’s relationship with the rest of the Alliance can be sorted out after Adlehard is dead, and in the meantime it’s nice to have someone around who isn’t out for themselves. Kynan is criminal scum, and in another life Jicelli might be dispatching marshals to hunt the Bothan down. Needing the assistance of him and the Trade Spine League is irritating, but he is not . . . entirely unpleasant to be around on a personal basis. Manako is a strange creature indeed, capable of seeing far more than what Jicelli’s eyes can, something she is still trying to wrap her head around. She was quite surprised to find that the gauntlets she’d inherited from her grandmother could resist the blade of the Toydarian’s lightsaber, though, and so delights in finally finding a worthy sparring partner.

Manako was drawn to Taia, Kynan, and Jicelli after their respective factions had already begun to form into the Uprising, so he has something of an outsider’s perspective on them. He’s also attempting to strengthen the Uprising as a whole, which further colors his opinions. Taia is strong-willed, disciplined, and brave, all admirable and helpful traits, but often worries about things either beyond her control or in a future that may never come. Kynan is resourceful, quick-thinking, and dependable, but lacks the discipline and concern for other that Manako values deeply. Jicelli is a proud woman who cares deeply for her people, and Manako has high hopes for her, but he also worries that she may become too confident right when things are becoming their most dangerous.

The Future

Will the Uprising succeed in breaking the Iron Blockade? Will they defeat Moff Adelhard’s Imperial forces and Commander Bragh’s Purge Troopers? How will Taia, Kynan, Jicelli, and Manako shape the fate of the Anoat Sector? That’s for you (and your dice, and maybe the will of the Force) to determine!

Thanks to Eric the General for the original suggestion, Ben for some pointers, and Dice for Brains for inspiration! This article is definitely a great example of how input from the community can help create things that are different from the usual fare, and genuinely a lot of fun to make in the first place.

Like what Meet the Party has to offer? Want to see ready-to-play characters for a system and/or setting of your choice? Let us know @HungryHalfling, at, or here in the comments! And remember, Patreon supporters get first dibs!

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