Meet the Party: Star Trek Adventures

A Captain who finds profit in intangible ways and sees everyone as a potential asset.. A helmsman who pilots a Miranda-class like an attack fighter, and who learned all the wrong lessons from human engineers. An Operations Manager determined to make her mark and willing to shred the manual to do so. A Security Chief with a mostly-repaired chip on her shoulder trying to adjust to peace. A Ship Counselor who helps his patients face their issues head on – sometimes with a well-placed strike of the head ridges. We’re boldly going where no Meet the Party has gone before, with the ready-to-play crew of the U.S.S. Crimea (along with the ship herself) for Star Trek Adventures from Modiphius Entertainment!

You can thank your fellow readers for this one! Reader Takeshi Yamato asked if we could do a Star Trek Adventures Meet the Party, and then the funds raised by our affiliation with DriveThruRPG let us purchase the core rulebook. In the spirit of the Federation, this was much more of a CHG group project than the usual Meet the Party. Aaron, Aki, and Geni all chipped in during the brainstorming sessions, contributing character ideas, names, and ship-wide concepts. Aki even wrote up one of the characters, Lt. Los Jaro! In short, this was a lot of fun, so thanks to Takeshi and our other supporters for putting this one on our docket.

One we got our hands on the character generator and discovered that a lot of ‘non-standard’ species were nevertheless available for use, we quickly hit on the idea of a crew of misfits that didn’t quite fit neatly into standard Starfleet protocol. While they ended up being a pretty competent looking crew, that original idea of Starfleet command feeling more comfortable with these officers being sent off on their own stuck through. So, five to beam up to the U.S.S. Crimea: a Ferengi Captain, Bajoran Flight Controller, Human Operations Manager, Trill Security Chief, and Klingon Ship Counselor!

Captain Groorin

Species: Ferengi

Environment: Starbase Upbringing: Business/Trade (A)

Assignment: Commanding Officer

Traits: Ferengi Stress: 9

Career Events: Required to Take Command, Negotiate A Treaty


Control: 10 Fitness: 7 Presence: 10

Daring: 10 Insight: 10 Reason: 9


Command: 5 Security: 2 Science: 3

Conn: 1 Engineering: 3 Medicine: 2

Focuses: Logistics, Inspiration, Persuasion, Team Dynamics, Lead by Example, Diplomacy

Values: A Varied Client Base Means A Thriving Economy, Enemies Are Potential Clients, Subordinates Are Assets, Sacrifice Isn’t Profit But It Does Pay Forward

Talents: Dauntless, Supervisor, Defuse the Tension, Bold: Command

Equipment: Phaser Type-2, Uniform, Communicator, Tricorder

Captain Groorin combines Ferengi cunning with the leadership tradition of Starfleet. Dauntless helps the Captain resists being intimidated or giving into threats, while Defuse the Tension adds a bonus d20 when trying to prevent violence from breaking out. Supervisor increases the ship’s Crew Support, and Bold: Command lets Groorin reroll a d20 when buying more by adding to Threat.

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Los Jaro

Species: Bajoran

Environment: Homeworld Upbringing: Business/Trade (A)

Assignment: Flight Controller

Traits: Bajoran Stress: 9

Career Events: Negotiate A Treaty, Discovers An Artifact


Control: 9 Fitness: 7 Presence: 11

Daring: 11 Insight: 10 Reason: 8


Command: 4 Security: 2 Science: 1

Conn: 4 Engineering: 4 Medicine: 1

Focuses: Negotiation, Ship Handling, Astronavigation, Composure, Improvisation, Reverse Engineering

Values: We Belong Among The Stars!, Better Lead From The Front!, I’m A Hot Stick!, Always Keep Trying Something New

Talents: Orb Experience, Bold: Conn, Technical Expertise, Untapped Potential

Equipment: Phaser Type-1, Uniform, Communicator, Tricorder

Los Jaro brings the boldness of youth and hotshot flying skills to the Crimea. Orb Experience keeps his We Belong Among The Stars! Value in play longer, while Untapped Potential lets him potentially gain more Momentum. Bold: Conn lets Los reroll a d20 when buying more by adding to Threat, and Technical Expertise allows for a reroll when using the ship’s Computers or Sensors.

Commander Tala Navarro

Species: Human

Environment: Isolated Colony Upbringing: Science/Technology (R)

Assignment: Operations Manager

Traits: Human Stress: 11

Career Events: Breakthrough/Invention, Solved An Engineering Crisis


Control: 10 Fitness: 7 Presence: 7

Daring: 10 Insight: 10 Reason: 12


Command: 2 Security: 1 Science: 4

Conn: 2 Engineering: 5 Medicine: 2

Focuses: Computers, Quantum Mechanics, Warp Field Dynamics, Astrophysics, Experimental Technology, Warp Engines

Values: Nobody Got Famous Following A Textbook, New Things Are The Spice Of Life, Knowledge Is Power, Take Care Of The Ship And She’ll Take Care Of You

Talents: Spirit of Discovery, Resolute, A Little More Power, Jury Rig

Equipment: Phaser Type-2, Uniform, Communicator, Tricorder

Tala Navarro is the worst stereotype (according to certain societies of the galaxy) of human engineering and science, which makes her the best possible Operations Manager for the Crimea. A Little More Power lets Tala spend a Momentum on a successful Engineering check to regain a spent Power, and Jury Rig lets her slap together emergency repairs. Spirit of Discovery allows Tala allows to spend one Determination to add three group Momentum, and Resolute increased her maximum Stress.

Commander Audrid Nedan

Species: Trill

Environment:  Frontier Colony Upbringing: Starfleet (A)

Assignment: Chief of Security

Traits: Trill Stress: 17

Career Events: Ship Destroyed, Conflict With A Hostile Culture


Control: 10 Fitness: 12 Presence: 8

Daring: 11 Insight: 7 Reason: 8


Command: 3 Security: 5 Science: 1

Conn: 3 Engineering: 2 Medicine: 2

Focuses: Starfleet Protocol, Survival, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Shipboard Tactical Systems, Small Craft, Hand Phasers

Values: Anything A Symbiont Can Do I Can Do Better, The Crew Are Family, Who Dares Wins, Aggressive Negotiations Are Best.

Talents: Former Initiate, Quick to Action, Pack Tactics, Bold: Security

Equipment: Phaser Type-2, Uniform, Communicator, Tricorder

Audrid Nedan is the strong arm protecting the crew of the Crimea. While not Joined, Former Initiate lets her reroll the entire dice pool for Control and Reason checks if she spent Determination on it. Quick to Action ignores the cost to Retain the Initiative during the first round of a combat, Pack Tactics grants a Momentum to characters Audrid assists in a fight, and Bold: Security lets her reroll a d20 when buying more by adding to Threat.

Commander Jurling, Son of Klesso

Species: Klingon

Environment: Another World (Betazoid) Upbringing: Diplomacy/Politics (A)

Assignment: Ship’s Counselor

Traits: Klingon Stress: 11

Career Events: First Contact, Lauded By Another Culture


Control: 9 Fitness: 8 Presence: 12

Daring: 8 Insight: 10 Reason: 9


Command: 3 Security: 3 Science: 3

Conn: 1 Engineering: 1 Medicine: 5

Focuses: Composure, Psychiatry, Anthropology, Linguistics, Diplomacy, Negotiation

Values: Together We Are Strong, Face Your Fears, Your Greatest Rival Is Yourself, Words Cut Deeper Than A Bat’leth

Talents: Bold: Medicine, Studious, Quick Study, Mean Right Hook

Equipment: Phaser Type-2, Uniform, Communicator, Tricorder

Jurling, Son of Klesso, takes the fight to the crew’s inner demons, the negotiating table, and anybody else who causes the crew trouble. Bold: Medicine lets Groorin reroll a d20 when buying more by adding to Threat, Studious grants an additional question when using Momentum to Obtain Information, and Quick Study ignores difficulty increases for unfamiliar medical procedures or unfamiliar species. If all else fails, though, Jurling’s Mean Right Hook adds Vicious 1 to the Klingon’s unarmed strike.

U.S.S. Crimea

Space Frame: Miranda Designation: NC-12116

Service Date: 2377 Refits: 10

Mission Profile: Scientific and Survey Operations

Traits: Federation Starship, Long-Serving, Quirky

Power: 10 Shields: 11

Scale: 4 Resistance: 4

Crew Support: 5


Engines: 10 Computers: 10 Weapons: 10

Structure: 10 Sensors: 11 Communications: 9


Command: 3 Security: 1 Science: 4

Conn: 3 Engineering: 2 Medicine: 2

Talents: Extensive Shuttlebays, Advanced Sensor Suites, Diplomatic Suites, Improved Reaction Control System

Weapons: Phaser Banks, Photon Torpedoes, Tractor Beam

The Crimea has served for roughly a century, but while she’s old she’s still got a lot to offer. Her refits have kept her in shape, although she’s prone to some technological quirks that make Commander Navarro’s life interesting. The Advanced Sensor Suites give her sharp eyes, the Diplomatic Suites give Captain Groorin and Commander Jurling a place to treat with civilizations the crew encounter beyond the frontier, and the Improved Reaction Control System lets Lt. Jaro fly her like an attack fighter.

Who They Are

Groorin wasn’t able to be a ‘proper Ferengi’; profit in the traditional sense wasn’t something that was attainable. The word of the first Ferengi to join Starfleet spread quickly, however, and Groorin saw an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up. A smuggler got Groorin off of Ferenginar and as far as Earth, where a monumental effort was made to gain admission to Starfleet Academy. Groorin succeeded, and became the second Ferengi to attend. Even being on Earth, and even considering the changes occurring back home, it took some time for Groorin to ditch the subterfuge and be recognized as the first female Ferengi in Starfleet.

Despite the lack of currency in the Federation, Groorin applied the philosophy of the Great Material Continuum to her studies in the Command track. Profit and Assets did not have to be restricted to latinum; the Federation’s ability to prosper without it proved that. While her way of thinking is thought of as odd by pretty much everyone, it has worked so far. Carefully managing subordinates to keep them safe and encourage their growth paid off well when she was forced to take command as a junior officer, and her mind for deals has proven more than suitable for treaty negotiations.

Los Jaro grew up in Bajor under the rule of the Cardassian Union, originally brought up to take over his father as a tradesman. However, when he was taken to visit one of the Bajoran monasteries, brought into the presence of one of the Orbs. He saw a vision of himself, and his family, and the entire species traveling amidst the stars. It convinced Los that a simple life as a tradesman was not for him. When Bajor was liberated, Los jumped at the opportunity to join the Federation. He applied to, and was accepted, into Starfleet Academy with the hope that he could become a beacon to spur more members of his planet into the greater galaxy.

Los was moved along the command track at Starfleet, and found that he had a knack as a helmsman. To his (mis?)fortune, he had human engineering instructors, normalizing the tradition of using unorthodox jury rigging with machinery. Los gained a reputation as a bit of a hothead, but one who would lead from the front while keeping his composure, and was skilled at improvisation. This has led to a few quirks, such as one day when his ship away team discovered an archaeological relic. As ranking engineer, his first instinct was to route it through the ship’s power supply, and he isn’t quite sure what it does, but his Bajoran faith keeps telling him there is some reason for it.

Tala Navarro grew up on a remote research colony, the kind where careful study and steady progress were the rules of life. She never much cared for it. An entire galaxy’s worth of wonders to explore and technology to tinker with, and only a human’s lifespan to do it all in. With such limited time to leave her mark on the galaxy, going to Starfleet and continually pushing the limit seemed the only thing worth doing. Even her fellow humans at the Academy were taken aback by her willingness – perhaps compulsion – to think outside the box and exceed the parameters of both the exercises and any technology she could get her hand on. Others, particularly the Vulcans, privately referred to her as ‘one of those humans’.

The safest place Starfleet could find for her, and honestly the best place for her to use her skills, was on exploration missions that took Tala far away from the conventional – and delicate – parts of the galaxy. It never even occurred to her that her assignments were usually made with an eye towards getting her out of an Admiral’s hair, because she was right where she wanted to be. She’s thrived, on the Crimea and before, solving more than one engineering crisis that should’ve killed everyone – most of which weren’t even her fault – and making technological breakthroughs that are currently being discussed at the Academy, much to the fond consternation of her former instructors.

Audrid Nedan dreamed of being a Joined Trill, and worked hard to get into the Initiate Program, but in the end the numbers just weren’t in her favor. She was not bitter about it. Definitely not. And it has absolutely no influence on why, upon joining Starfleet, she went into Security and managed to find herself all the posts that tended to involve hitting people with her fists.Most of that kind of behavior has been burned off over the years, though, as Audrid matured and grew into an exemplary Security officer, one who was always ready to protect her crewmembers.

However, the Dominion War was not kind to her. The ship she started the war on was lost during Operation Return, and the rest of the conflict wasn’t exactly easy on her. With the war over Starfleet is having trouble returning some of its personal to thinking like explorers instead of soldiers, so Audrid has found herself shuffled off on the Crimea for lack of anywhere better to put her.

Jurling, Son of Klesso, found himself on Betazed at a very young age when what remained of his family were forced to flee the Empire after coming out on the losing side of an internecine conflict. It was just supposed to be a stopping off point in their exile but Klesso, a widower by this point, found a second love on Betazed and decided to remain. Growing up on a planet of telepaths and empaths, including having one for a stepmother, had a profound effect on Jurling. Combined with the fact that Klesso was still doing his best to raise his son as a proper Klingon, Jurling grew up with an appreciation for facing down dangerous enemies and a realization that the demons of the mind – trauma, mistrust, fears, and so on – were perhaps the most tenacious foe he could ever hope to defeat.

Jurling went into Starfleet Academy on the Sciences track, focusing on psychological understanding and mental health. His somewhat … forceful methods of counseling have often shocked more traditional Starfleet officers, but they have been effective with others, and more importantly they’ve proven popular with several non-Federation sentients, which has earned him their praise after first contact scenarios. All the better that he’s been sent past the frontier; fewer complaints from Starfleet personnel about the Klingon yelling at them to get in touch with their feelings.

So, there you have it! What kind of (mis)adventures can Captain Groorin, Lt. Jaro, Commander Nedan, Commander Navarro, Commander Jurling, and the rest of the Crimea’s crew get up to? What discoveries will they make, which new forms of life will they meet, what dangers will they have to overcome? As always, that’s for you (and your dice) to determine!

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