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Meet the Party: Star Trek Adventures

A Captain who finds profit in intangible ways and sees everyone as a potential asset.. A helmsman who pilots a Miranda-class like an attack fighter, and who learned all the wrong lessons from human engineers. An Operations Manager determined to make her mark and willing to shred the manual to do so. A Security Chief with a mostly-repaired chip on her shoulder trying to adjust to peace. A Ship Counselor who helps his patients face their issues head on – sometimes with a well-placed strike of the head ridges. We’re boldly going where no Meet the Party has gone before, with the ready-to-play crew of the U.S.S. Crimea (along with the ship herself) for Star Trek Adventures from Modiphius Entertainment!

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Meet the Party: Savage Worlds

A squad leader who always tries to help others and watch out for his team, but has a tough time wrapping his head around the otherworldly craziness. A sharpshooter and scout who views every trip through a portal as a fascinating opportunity to learn something new, as well as a dire threat. An aged scholar who can still mix it up with the best of them, who has saved the team with her brains more often than anyone else’s bullets. A psychic warrior from another world, hunted by her enemy but determined to help these strange otherworlders in their quest. Meet the Party strives to create ready-to-play characters for a variety of systems and settings, both for your use and to inspire you in making characters of your own. This time, by request of you our readers, we’re going to meet some characters from the Savage Worlds!

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