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Meet the Party: Burning Wheel

A strange cultist who everyone ignored until he accidentally summoned a lesser demon. A noblewoman, cast to the nunnery for birthing a bastard and now on the run from a coup. A rebellious participant in said coup, who found his true god within the Cult of the Dead Stars. Meet the Party is jumping systems again, this time generating a trio of unlikely heroes for Burning Wheel!

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System Split: Burning Wheel and Torchbearer

Welcome to System Split! Today, our very own Level One Wonk will examine two very similar systems to see what sets them apart. When the genre, complexity, and even rules system are exactly the same, what makes a game unique? Today we look at two fantasy RPGs from the twisted and brilliant mind of Luke Crane: Burning Wheel and Torchbearer! Despite one being based on the other, they offer very different experiences. How different? Read on!

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