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Pathfinder Playtest Preview

Dungeons and Dragons has a long and storied history, but like all long and storied histories there are some bumpy parts. When Third Edition (3e, and then 3.5e) came out, the first version of the game produced by Wizards of the Coast, many of the old guard were less than pleased. It was this reaction that planted the seeds for the OSR movement, in addition to the Open Gaming License (OGL), which made it easier to use the basic mechanics of existing D&D rulesets. Despite having detractors, 3e was wildly successful, so successful that it too inspired a wave of dissatisfaction when it was replaced by the significantly revised Fourth Edition (4e). The shift in design and the decision to discontinue the OGL at the end of the 3.5e product run not only alienated some players, but left many content producers hung out to dry. One of these was Paizo Publishing, a well-regarded outfit who had made a name for themselves publishing Dungeon and Dragon magazines. When this license expired in 2007, the entire company was in jeopardy. It was then that Paizo made a bold move and developed its own OGL-based game, Pathfinder.

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System Split: Interface Zero

Welcome to System Split! Today, our very own Level One Wonk will examine two three very similar systems to see what sets them apart. When the genre, complexity, and even rules system are exactly the same, what makes a game unique? Today we’re looking at a game that exists in three different systems, and is one of the first to jump on the Pathfinder train! Let’s get Cyberpunk with Interface Zero.

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The Independents: Palace of the Lich Queen (Pathfinder)

Welcome back to The Independents, your source for reviews of out-of-the-box tabletop roleplaying games. The small outfits, the crazy geniuses, the little projects, the ‘Indie’ creators who are simply out to make a name for themselves and a game people can enjoy. Here at The Independents we aim to highlight some of these games, for a change of pace and a new (and great) experience!

Your heroes arrive at the bottom of the stairs and gaze out across a giant cavern. On the other side is the palace of Arawyn, the Lich Queen of Paxectal, the target of your quest. You are here to bring her reign to an end, to halt her devouring of souls. But it will not be a simple walk to the great building. The cavern floor is covered in seething energy and shifting images, each a window into a different realm. The only way to the palace is to go through them, stumbling from world to world, hoping you can survive whatever awaits within each. And beyond them the palace itself must still be overcome, along with its half-mad ruler.

Dawn is rising in the realms, and you have an appointment with undead royalty. Take your first step.

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