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The Independents: Do: Fate of the Flying Temple

You have been raised by the monks of the Flying Temple as Pilgrims, taught how to fly and sent out into the Many Worlds to help people with whatever problems are plaguing their lives. One day, however, you return to the Flying Temple to find it vanished, with only a dragon’s egg in its place! The Many Worlds still have problems, and the letters asking for the help of the teenage Pilgrims are still arriving, but there are no monks to give you advice. You can’t turn your backs on those in need, so what choices will you make? Will you hold to the tenets of non-violence that the monks taught you, or give into temptation to take the easy path and suffer the consequences? What is the connection between the newborn dragon and the Temple? What sort of adventure awaits you in Do: Fate of the Flying Temple? Continue reading The Independents: Do: Fate of the Flying Temple


A time traveler with no sense of hearing, and no sense of fear! A genius engineer who finally has a chance to try out the fun (read: dangerous) designs! A smalltime boxer from the Big Apple turned heavy hitter and watchful protector! A ‘retired’ spy who refuses to stay out of the game, or the beds of the enemy! A former enemy, raised from youth to be a killer, who has struck out on their own! A scrappy freelance photographer, determined to come along for the ride no matter what! Together they are ACE ADVENTURE AND THE FLYING ROYAL FLUSH! Each Meet the Party article gives you an entire group of ready-to-play adventurers (maybe even some heroes) for your gaming needs for a variety of systems and settings. This time we’re going to showcase an entire party of characters for the Fate Accelerated Edition game, with help from a very special guest. So hop in your fighter plane and get ready for giant monsters, mad scientists, and diabolical villains as we see what the Flying Royal Flush can do!

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